Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Andy Warhol Would Like Your Lips: Fifteen Minutes Of Fame Pop Art Gloss From Lipstick Queen

We all want our "fifteen minutes of fame," don't we? Well with the new additions to the Lipstick Queen line, you just might have your time to shine. The Fifteen Minutes of Fame Pop Art Glosses boast some vibrant colors, lots of moisture, and intense, non-tacky shine. These glosses are inspired by, and derive their name from the Pop Art movement of the 1960's, and more specifically from the phrase that Andy Warhol coined that gave birth to the modern notion of celebrity - "in the future everyone will be world-famous for fifteen minutes." There are fifteen shades of this gloss - of course! - each representing a minute along the time span.

I think the motivation for the glosses' moniker is quite unique. I find myself drawn to products that have an idea or a philosophy behind their names. The packaging is also engaging; each gloss is housed in brightly hued striped box upon which the brand's name is featured in large letters. The multi-colors definitely caught my attention. The gloss is dispensed in exactly the same way that the Stila Lip Glazes are - you must twist until the gloss begins to emerge from the brush applicator. The brush makes for easy and precise application. The texture of the gloss is smooth, non-sticky, and very hydrating - the formula includes such ingredients as Vitamin E, Hyaluronic Acid, and marine filling spheres that together with emollient factors, esters, and film formers, help to provide moisture retention, to contribute to the ultra shiny quality of the gloss, to give the gloss an elastic-like effect, and to lend the benefits of line filling to the lips. I love the way it feels! The Fifteen Minutes of Fame glosses are also all completely devoid of shimmer or sparkle (as well as scent/flavor). Poppy King, the founder of the Lipstick Queen brand (more on her philosophy to follow!), felt that the formula should remain completely unadulterated, lending plain and simply, vivid and juicy color!

The Color Rundown:

1 Minute - pale ballet pink

2 Minutes - watermelon pink

3 Minutes - smooth apricot

4 Minutes - subtle melon

5 Minutes - pale peach

6 Minutes - bright melon

7 Minutes - tropical pink

8 Minutes - super strawberry

9 Minutes - luscious scarlet

10 Minutes - feisty fuschia

11 Minutes - vibrant purple

12 Minutes - deep rose

13 Minutes - pretty raspberry

14 Minutes - gorgeous grape

15 Minutes - sexy wine

I currently own three of these - 2 Minutes, 4 Minutes, and 8 Minutes. The colors are gorgeous and really give your lips a pop! Each gloss retails for $16.50, and you can find them at Barney's New York locations, Space NK, Henri Bendel stores, and online at the Lipstick Queen website. The website also lists other boutiques that carry the LQ product line.

L-R: 2 Minutes, 4 Minutes, 8 Minutes

L-R: 2 Minutes, 4 Minutes, 8 Minutes

I just wanted to give you a little background information on Poppy, the creatrix of the brand, as well as the Lipstick Queen line in general before I leave you all. Poppy has a self-proclaimed obsession with the "glamour of the lips." She recognizes the powerful "transformative" properties that a lip product can have on a woman, and has thus created her line to reflect her philosophy. The Lipstick Queen line, as Poppy envisioned it, includes opaque and highly pigmented lipsticks harkening back to the look of the 1940's, as well as other lip glosses (another favorite of mine is the Oxymoron Gloss) and even some glossy lip pencils. What I particularly appreciate about this brand is the fact that Poppy's passion and desire to create quality lip products aimed at enhacing a woman's pout is a palpable force that can be felt pulsing through the veins of the entire line.

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