Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Gloss Up Your Lips For A Great Cause: PurpleLab Goes Pink For Breast Cancer Awareness

PurpleLab has partnered with The Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation to create a special lip gloss, SWAC ("Sealed With a Cure"), of which some of the proceeds will go to the charity. The gloss has been designed to boost "beauty, health, and confidence" while raising money for breast cancer research.

Here are some details on the product:


Includes health boosting and immune system enhancing ingredients such as Mangosteens and Echinacea

Enriched with anti-aging peptides

Ultra-moisturizing, non-sticky formula

Scented with uplifting vanilla and contains real gold flecks

This "gloss for a cause" can be purchased at for $18.50. For more information on the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation, please check out

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