Friday, September 11, 2009

Inside The Tents On Day 1: A "Quick" Touch-Up With Tresemme

On my way through the tents post-BCBG, I was immediately stopped in my tracks when I spotted the Tresemme set-up by the press lounge. There, two amazing hair stylists for the line were stationed, on hand to provide hait touch-ups to the Fashion Weekers. Of course, seeing as my hair is so easily prone to curling up, I availed myself of a touch-up. After a brief wait, I sat down with Tyler, a super sweet hair artist dead set on getting my hair back to a sleek and shiny state. He took his time, too, spraying Tresemme's 24 Hour Body Root Boosting Spray on small sections of my hair and then blowing the hair out. To finish off the straightening process and to "crisp" up the edges, Tyler ran a ceramic flat iron through my tresses. Folks, it's the combination of good product and great tools (and no humidity or wind!) to achieve the desired results. Now to keep it looking this way..that is the rub!

Tyler took me from looking like this:

Me and Adina of Krasey Beauty - before

To looking like this!!

Me and Adina - after

Tyler in action

Special thanks to Miss Krasey Beauty for providing me with a photo of the transformation!

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