Thursday, September 3, 2009

Barbie Gets Her Groove On With Stila: The Complete List Of Fall Items For The Barbie Loves Stila Collection

Aqua might have been a one-hit wonder, but they were spot on when they sang the lyrics to their infamous song "Barbie Girl." As a girl, I was most definitely a "barbie girl in a barbie world." Though I have grown out of my doll phase, I still look to Barbie as being an iconic figure of style and beauty. From the blonde hair to the well-known prettified face, Barbie has the ability to transcend age. Enter Barbie Loves Stila, a collection of make-up items centered around this female figure. Pretty colors dazzle, and there is something for everyone. Each woman can be her own "Barbie girl."

I have already given you the scoop on the Smudge Pots that are new to the Barbie Loves Stila collection, but I can now share with you all the rest of the product details. Inspired by the debut Barbie runway show (NYFW Fall 2009), the collection features glamorous, yet still wearable, beauty. So what can you expect from the Fall offerings? Keep reading!

The Collection:

Barbie Loves Stila Lip Enamel Trio ($32) - Includes the colors: Joy (red), Happiness (light pink), and Tickled Pink (Barbie signature "power pink," exclusive to the Barbie Loves Stila collection). The glosses contain Rhodiola rosea, a plant extract that has been shown to increase levels of seratonin and dopamine in the brain and to elevate mood. Happiness abounds! This lip trio can be found at Sephora,, Ulta, and

Barbie Loves Stila Lip Glaze ($22) - The famous "twist and click" gloss pen is available in three shimmer-infused colors, XOXO (red), Sugar Lips (pale pink), and Pucker Up (bright pink). The lip glazes can be found at Sephora,, and

Barbie Loves Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Liner ($20; NEW) - Created exclusively for this collection, this liquid liner dispenses from a "marker pen" with a waterproof, smudge-proof, and smear-proof formula. The liner pen is available only at Ulta stores and

Barbie Loves Stila Smudge Pot (see here for details) The smudge pots are available at Sephora,, Ulta, and

Barbie Loves Stila All Doll'd Up Palette ($28) - This refillable palette contains four eyeshadow trios (for a total of 12 shades), allowing for the development of a range of glamorous looks. The palette is available at Sephora stores,, Ulta, and the

I am really digging the colors (pinks are simply synonomous with flirtatiousness and girliness!) and I am very interested to check out the new liquid liner pen. Does anything grab you?


  1. I can't wait to get my hands on the lip enamel trio ;D

    I already got the LE cans. Did u know that MAC also released a Barbie collection too in 2007?

  2. IMM - I want the lip enamel trio, too! Looks so pretty :-) I am also itching to try the liquid liner pen and see how it compares with the MAC Penultimate liner. How are you liking the smudge pots? The purple one looks gorgeous. And yes, I knew about the Barbie collection for MAC...even though it was before I really got into MAC ;-)