Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Kicking Off Fashion Week With The Fashion 2.0 Cocktail Reception

While the official start of Fashion Week is tomorrow, the festivities were "unofficially" kicked off this evening at the Fashion 2.0 cocktail party hosted by Yuli Ziv - co-founder of My"It"Things and founding member of the Style Coalition - in conjuction with Ideeli. The party took place at the Audrey lounge inside of the W Hotel on E. 39th St. in NYC, a very chic and trendy spot. There was a great turnout - lots of opportunity to mix and mingle with fellow fashion and beauty bloggers and cocktails were a-flowin'. Some ladies that I finally(!) had the chance to meet were Eileen of Miss Whoever You Are, Felicia of Fashion For All, and Felicia of This That Beauty. It was a great night!

Stay tuned for pics!

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