Sunday, September 6, 2009

In The Spirit Of Fashion Week: A Little Hauling Marc Jacobs Style

Though Marc Jacobs is getting ready to show his collection at New York's Fashion Week, I don't think I will be priveleged to see the show (though a girl can dream, right?). I was, however, able to snag some cute items from the Jacobs by Marc Jacobs collection while in Boston a few weekends ago. While strolling with Krasey Beauty down Newbury Street, a famous row of great boutiques and cafes in the city, we stumbled upon the Marc Jacobs store. Adina just couldn't say no to stopping inside, and admittedly, I was excited about the prospect of gawking at the gorgeous leather purses, sunglasses, and fashionable attire. I knew I was not in the position to really shop (fabulous items, but way out of my price range!), but I was happy just to be able to browse the offerings. In the end, I did find a few great items out of which I will get lots of use, and I didn't even have to break the bank to purchase them - I picked up three cute items for under $70!

My new acquisitions:

Pink and black faux snake print zip wallet, $21

Grey printed canvas tote with brown suede detail and zip closure, $28

Apparently the grey color is very rare and had never been put on the floor before. I had originally gone for the hot pink, but after hearing this (and thinking that this color would probably be a bit more practical), I opted for the grey.

Red jewelled cocktail ring, $12

My Marc by Marc Jacobs shopping bag! This was free, of course, but it's a nice little reminder that I was indeed in the store! Plus, it made for some very nice arm candy ;-)

It was hard to pass the gorgeous Marc by Marc Jacobs bags by (I still think I can hear their taunting whispers..."buy me," "buy meee"), but I will try to save up for one for a future purchase! I'm happy with the items that I bought and I know I will use them - I love large bags, and a tote with a zipper is perfect for running around the city, I needed a wallet, and who could say no to a cute ring?!?

Do you own any Marc Jacobs pieces? Are you lusting after any?

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