Sunday, February 28, 2010

From The Drugstore Aisles: WetnWild Mega Eyes Creme Eyeliner

My favorite type of eyeliner to use on my top lash line is of the cream/gel variety. I have grown to love those from many different higher-end brands, including MAC fluidlines, Stila Smudge Pots, and Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Liners. I wanted to see, however, if it was possible to find a product of comparable quality whose price tag was considerably lower. Though I have found and used drugstore cream liners that have impressed me (e.g. L'Oreal H.I.P. liners), even those can sometimes get a bit pricy. One day, while browsing the beauty aisles in my local Rite Aid, however, I stumbled upon the WetnWild Mega Eyes Creme Eyeliner and decided to try it out. Though, I admit, my expectations for this $3.99 liner weren't particularly high, I went into testing mode with an open mind.

To my surprise, I found a really wonderful product for a steal! I was impressed with the consistency of the product, its ability to stay put all day, and its highly pigmented color. I purchased the eyeliner in black and I found that it was in these respects very comparable to one of my go-to liners, MAC Blacktrack. It applied smoothly to my upper lash line without tugging or skipping. About the only thing about the product itself that I think could be improved is the lid; it is a bit flimsy, and I am afraid that the liner will dry out quickly if I am not careful to ensure that it is secured tightly after each use.

I would highly recommend checking out the Mega Eyes Creme Eyeliner in your local drugstore. For a list of retailers see here. It's a great product that won't break your bank! The only thing that makes me sad is that it is only available in two colors right now, black, as I mentioned, and eggplant. What about brown? teal? navy? WetnWild better get on it! ;-)

Have you tried the Mega Eyes liner? Thoughts? Are there any other products from the line that you love? Let me know!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Break Out In Color: Bobbi Brown Color Strips Collection

Bobbi Brown introduces the Color Strips Collection, comprised of three palettes (including one neutral) to dress up your eyes, lips, and cheeks in an array of beautiful colors. Each palette contains five eyeshadow shades and three shades of Pot Rouge.




The Color Strips Collection will be available at counters in March 2010, and each palette will retail for $60.

"The Runaways" Meets Make Up For Ever...And A Sweepstakes!

I love me some Make Up For Ever, so upon hearing that their wonderful products were used on the set of the upcoming movie, "The Runaways" (starring Kristin Stewart as Joan Jett and Dakota Fanning as Cherie Currie), I felt I should share some of the behind the scenes beauty with you all. Documenting the all-woman rock band of the 1970's, the makeup was set to incorporate the rock and roll edge of the time.

Taking center stage for the look was a gorgeous smoky eye, created by Robin Mathews, head makeup artist for the film. She employed a variety of MUFE products to achieve this effect.

Here is the breakdown of the specific colors used to design each character's signature beauty look:

Kristin Stewart (Joan Jett) - Classic Smoky Eye:

1. Cover the entire lid area with Eyeshadow #127 (metallic taupe). Blend well to ensure that there are no hard edges.

2. Apply a good amount of Aqua Eyes Pencil in 0L (black) to the under eye area. Add to the upper lid as well, staying as close to the lash line as possible.

3. Use a smudger brush to smudge out the liner that was applied to both the upper and lower lash lines. Tip from the MUA: The smoky eye is all about the smudge! After, reapply a heavier dose of eyeliner.

4. Smudge Eyeshadow #139 (iridescent brown-black) over the previously applied eyeliner.

5. Curl lashes!

6. Apply Smoky Lash mascara, "scissoring up" to create volume and separation.

Dakota Fanning (Cherie Currie) - Colorful Smoky Eye:

1. Apply Star Powder #922 (copper) to the eyelid, all the way into the inner corner area, leaving the outer corner free of color.

2. Line the top and bottom lash lines with Aqua Eyes Pencil #3L (iridescent navy blue). Tip from the MUA: Apply liner as close to the lash line as possible to help create the perfect smoky eye.

3. Smudge the eyeliner with a smudger brush to blend out the color.

4. Apply Eyeshadow #81 (metallic navy blue iridescent) to the outer corner of the eye with a small flat brush and drag the color into the crease slightly.

5. To "smoke out" the eye, add some of the blue shadow to the lower lash line and blend it out.

6. Curl lashes and apply Smoky Lash mascara.

Robin explained why she used Make Up For Ever to create the look for the movie. She said, "I designed 'The Runaways' eyes around Make Up For Ever eyeshadows. Their highly pigmented eyeshadows and Aqua Eyes eyeliners are silky smooth, blendable, and long-lasting. The color selection is limitless, giving you endless possibilities. I finished each look with Smoky Lash mascara - which is truly smudge proof, a necessity on and off stage."

As a fun sweepstakes, Make Up For Ever has partnered with "The Runaways" to send one lucky winner and a guest to the NYC premiere of the movie on March 17th! For official rules and information on how to enter, check out

Make Up For Ever has also created two video tutorials for the above looks along with Robin Mathews. You can also view these at

To shop Make Up For Ever and for information on pricing, see

Have fun recreating these looks and be sure to enter the contest!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Backstage At bebe Kardashian: A Style360 Production At Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week

The retail chain bebe recently teamed up with the Kardashian sisters to create a line inspired by their signature styles. The offerings include classic Kardashian (or bebe, for that matter) body hugging dresses and tops, off-the-shoulder dresses, and blazers that are predominantly offered in black. The clothing is cute "clubwear," nothing extraordinary or unique, in my opinion. Nor did anything that I saw surprise me very much. In general, I'm not one to shop at bebe, as I tend to feel that the fabrics of their garments do not warrant the high price tags attached to them.

I did get to go backstage to check out the behind-the-scenes beauty for the show. The overall look I saw was very much in line with the sisters' own looks - a dark smoky eye, nude lip and long wavy locks.

Lead hair stylist, Whitney Blischke, used TIGI products to create what she described as "effortless glamour," beautiful and easy to achieve. She wanted to create the effect of having darker roots transitioning into lighter ends (to establish a varied texture and color), and to that end, she used both a dry shampoo (to mattify), as well as a shine product at the hair's ends. Hair was blown out, and Fashionista Spritz and Shine was first added to the hair for some hold. Rockaholic Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo followed, to incorporate somewhat of a matte finish into the look. Large sections of hair were then taken and rolled with a barrel curling iron. Finally, Your Highness Aerosol Dry Spray Shine was used on ends and distributed by hand through the hair to establish the final look.

Nathalie Bechard and her Sephora Pro team were behind the sexy makeup look. Bechard explained that the look was to be inspired by the type of woman who transitions effortlessly from working during the day to partying it up at night. In other words, she clarified that this look translated into a "day-friendly" smoky eye with some added "dimension and depth" in the outer corner area. Bechard used grays and greens to achieve this wearable effect. Cheeks were highlighted and adorned in a soft rosey-hued blush. Lips received a nude-pink color.

Products used to create the look:


Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes Pencil in 1L, "Star Black" (a black sheen)

Make Up For Ever Aqua Black Waterproof Cream Eyeshadow

Make Up For Ever Diamond Powder

Dior Brow Gel

Sephora Collection Colorful Artist Palette

Make Up For Ever Smokey Lash Mascara in "Black"

Make Up For Ever False Lashes


Make Up For Ever HD Elixir

Dior Diorskin Nude Natural Glow Hydrating Makeup SPF 10

YSL Touche Eclat Radiant Touch

Fresh Twilight Facefresh Glow


Sephora Rouge Cream Lipstick in "Mmmm..."

Sephora Nano Lip Liner in "Candid Candy"

Finished look:

Love this top!

Nails were done by Kim D'Amato of Priti NYC. She used the shade "Willow" on the fingers (a transparent nude) and "Spring Song" on toes (a more opaque nude).

Sites to check out for products mentioned:,,,

People of note spotted backstage and at the show included Kim Kardashian herself (who sat front row and looked gorgeous), Jennifer "JWoww" Farley of MTV's "The Jersey Shore" (I have trouble calling her a celebrity, though...), and Dina and Caroline Manzo from Bravo's "The Real Housewives of New Jersey." In addition, a few of the models from the last cycle of "America's Next Top Model" were in attendance (including, finalist Laura).

Thursday, February 18, 2010

New Product Alert: Make Up For Ever HD Microfinish Blush!

I just read an email that brought to my attention a new product that will be available soon from Make Up For Ever. This cream blusher will be offered in 14 different shades (light to dark, with pink and yellow undertones) and the formula promises to be highly pigmented and non-drying, with an extremely natural finish. In keeping with the HD philosophy, the blush will be invisible to high-definition cameras as well as the naked eye.

The HD Microfinish Blush, $25, is available now at, and can be found at Sephora stores by March.

I can't wait to test this out! Who's with me?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Backstage At Victor de Souza For Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week: Glamour Hails From Another Universe

The setting was intimate for the showing of the Victor de Souza F/W 2010 collection. At Casa la Femme restaurant, 140 Charles Street in Manhattan's West Village, de Souza brought out the drama. The beauty that was created to mesh with the clothing being presented was the most out of the ordinary and intriguing display that I had seen over the course of this week.

Lead stylist, Danilo, and his team of six, worked with PHYTO products to create what was described in Danilo's own words as an "alien chic" silhouette. Hair was formed into a tight pony tail which was subsequently slicked back with PHYTO Professional Strong Sculpting Gel and wrapped into a chignon at the top of the head. The bun was placed in line with the chin to help accentuate the shape of the face. Small sections of hair at the temples were left out, and extensions wrapped within a hair net (in blond, brunette, and black shades depending on the model's hair color) were fastened to the top of the head, covering the chignon. Once set into place with pins, the hair left out at the temples was tucked into the back of the head and underneath. To finish off the look, Danilo used PHYTO Professional Workable Hold Hairspray. The overall style was reflective of the "high class couture woman," the "classic woman from another universe." Danilo commented that what he loves about PHYTO is the fact that when using the products he feels that in addition to styling, he is treating the hair.

Danilo in action

Makeup was led by Lena Koro, head artist for the NARS team (of 25!). I spoke with Ashley Robb, who works on the NARS PR team, and she enlightened me regarding the inspiration for the look. She told me that the underlying idea for the face was a photograph of Audrey Hepburn, and was intended to emulate the feeling of her elegance and class, with an "alien twist." Looking at the face, one should be able to get the sense of old, chic beauty, but it should also be apparent that something is off, a bit "out of this universe." The face was made pale with powder. Brows were muted as well, and were practically invisible. Models sported black contact lenses (through which I am not quite sure it was easy to see!) that added to the alien aesthetic.

The main products used to create the look:

Snow Loose Powder

Sheer Matte Foundation in "Siberia"

"Black Moon" Eyeliner Pencil

"XXX" Lip Gloss

Eyeliner Stylo in "Black"

Finished look:

Nails were done by CND (Creative Nail Design) manicurists. Christina Estabrooks, lead nail stylist, gave me the low-down on the look. She revealed that nails were shaped down and adhered just below the first knuckle (to further the "alien chic" concept), defined with a series of polishes, and finished off with French tips (for which the color "Studio White" was used). The other polishes that were integrated into the manicure were "Pink Lily" and " Copper Chrome," as well as the "Super Matte" top coat. The nails were to appear as if they were indestructible.

After getting the scoop backstage, I was able to stay to see the show. The garments were, in general, highly theatrical and the aesthetic was rich and reminiscent of old-school glamour. In attendance was actress Jessica Biel as well as the mastermind behind the NARS brand, Mr. Francois Nars himself (who posed for a picture with me, which admittedly, left me a bit weak in the knees...he is definitely an artist I admire immensely).

Me and Francois Nars

Bravo, Victor!

In The Spirit of Fashion Week: Zoya Rewards Followers And Fans

Great news everyone! From December 17-December 19, receive 2 free nail polishes (a $14 value) of your choice when you place a $10 order at,, or Simply add the colors you would like to your cart and enter the code NYFW at checkout in the "code" field to redeem.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Backstage At WALTER: A Style360 Production At Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week

A breakdown of the makeup and hair for the WALTER F/W 2010 presentation as fashioned by the experts:

Hair for the presentation was done by Toni & Guy stylists using TIGI Catwalk products. Lead stylist, Whitney Bliske, explained that the look created was designed to complement the feminine quality of the collection. The hair was styled into a classic, sleek pony tail with ribbon wrapped around its base. This addition of ribbon served to push the pony tail further away from the head, giving it greater movement. Stylists used TIGI Catwalk Root Boost to control fly aways at the top of the head (interestingly, I spotted a stylist spraying the product onto what appeared to be a blush brush and painting it onto the hair) and finished off by adding TIGI Catwalk Your Highness Firm Hold Hairspray for shine. The hair was simple, sleek, feminine, and soft.

Makeup: The look for makeup was again brought to fruition by the Napoleon Perdis team. Napoleon explained and demonstrated the desired look on model Sadie (an incredibly sweet British-born model who opened and closed the show). He said that the inspiration for the beauty was drawn from several dichotomies - masculine vs. feminine, tomboy vs. vamp, and good girl vs. bad girl. As I had previously learned from my backstage attendances, there is an obvious trend of "flawless, protected, and prepped" skin. To that end, Napoleon used the Auto Pilot Cruising Moisturizing and Anti-Aging serum along with concealer followed by Boudoir Mist airbrush foundation (it's all about the spray foundations!). For eyes, Napoleon chose a stunning variation of the classic smokey eye. The look was a royal blue smokey eye, that he softened and waved out. He added three coats of Mesmer-Eyes mascara to create a healthy, sexy lash with a glossy finish. Brows were left natural, simply brushed up. Cheeks displayed subtle contouring through the use of deeper shades of foundation and were mostly left without color. On the fairer complected models, a hint of a pink mosaic blush was added. Lip colors varied depending on skin tones. Some girls were given a nude lip (in "Lianna" once again), while others sported a strong, creamy red-hued pout. The red shade used was called "SMP Goddess," and played homage to both Napoleon's own wife (the color is named after her ) as well as designer WALTER's wife (she loves to wear the color).

The start of the beautiful blue smokey eye, as demonstrated on Sadie. Unfortunately, I couldn't stay to capture the final look! :-(

Nothing was done with nails, which I found interesting.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Hair By Marco Santini For Jeremy Laing F/W 2010 At Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week

Marco Santini of ION Studio created the hair styles for the Jeremy Laing F/W 2010 presentation. Santini was inspired by a sketch of a "whimsical fairy" composed of soft, blurred lines. To translate the image he saw into reality, he used a selection of Davines products including the Davines DEDE Conditioner as well as Davines for Wizards No. 4 Glossy Modeling Putty.

To achieve the look, Santini first wet the model's hair with DEDE Conditioner, a lightweight formula designed to strengthen the hair. Hair was then dried and sectioned off into two parts. Using elastic string and a sewing needle, the hair was weaved together into an "organic" pony tail. The look was finished off with the application of the Wizards No. 4 Glossy Modeling Putty a paste-like product that helped to develop naturally-textured tresses. Each model's style was slightly different from the next.

NB: Photos were provided for use by Tractenberg & Co. PR group.

Bobbi Brown For Yigal Azrouel F/W 2010 At Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week

Bobbi Brown designed the look for the debut of the Yigal Azrouel F/W 2010 collection. According to makeup artist Wendy Rowe, the look included "youthful, fresh but chic makeup with heavy focus on brows." The products used on the face were chosen to create texture on the complexion to reflect Azrouel's heavily textured garments. Skin was bronzed, and there was a particular focus on the cheeks. The eyes were soft and defined using brown and beige neutral tones. The overall look for the makeup was natural and monotone, with a complementary nude lip. Strength was demonstrated in a sharp, linear, defined brow.

Products used:

Skin: Hydrating Face Cream ($50), Hydrating Eye Cream ($45), Foundation Stick ($40), Creamy Concealer ($22), Corrector ($22)

Suede Long-Wear Cream Shadow ($22) all over lid, Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Sepia Ink ($21) applied lightly and smudged on upper and lower lashline

Bronzing Powder ($40)

NB: The look contains some products that are set to be released for F/W '10. Shade names and prices may still need to be confirmed.

Backstage Beautifying At TonyCohen F/W 2010 For Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week

Here is a rundown of the beauty behind the scenes at the TonyCohen F/W 2010 collection showing.

Hair: Hair was done by Cutler for Redken. Staci Child, one of the head stylists stopped to talk to me about the overall look. She described the up dos as a incorporating a low, soft French Twist with leather ropes sewn in to add an element of toughness. Cutler Specialist Definition Cream was used on the top portion of the hair to give it a "dirtier, not too finished" appearance. A younger, softer vibe was attained, with built-in texture. Other products used to complete the look were Cutler Specialist Volumizing Spray and Redken Workforce 09 Flexible Volumizing Spray. The style was intended to look as if the models did their hair themselves.

Makeup: Napoleon Perdis and his team of MUAs created the look for the show, which Napoleon himself described as "tough chic." It was all about a strong eye, more specifically a "square smokey eye," juxtaposed upon flawless skin. To achieve a smooth complexion, Napoleon used his Triple Peptide Serum and Boudoir Mist (airbrush foundation). Lashes were big as well. They were deepened up to create a romantic feel using Mesmer-Eyes. For the lips, Napoleon favored "terracotta" hues. He used a new lipstick (available May '10 everywhere Napoleon Perdis products are sold) named after his daughter (how sweet!), called "Lianna." It is a beautiful and luxurious nude, caramel color, very rich and stunning, and will be an addition to his DeVine Goddess Collection. The lipstick was topped with "Hot Toffee" Luminous Lip Veil. The cheeks were left bare. Brows were strong and filled in with an eyebrow pencil in Suede, a blonde-tone that was brushed into the hair.

Lip combination

Nails: China Glaze manicurists did the models' nails in the shade "Gussied Up Green," a gorgeous deep green shade with subtle shimmer, unfortunately discontinued from the line's Rodeo Diva collection. The dark, shimmery hue was chosen to complement the colors of the clothing. It was also intended to create a pop of color, standing out through the lace gloves donned by some of the models. It was nice to see a bold nail as it was a departure from the nude nail I had seen previously.