Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Laura Mercier, the Pioneer of the "Flawless Face," Introduces the "What Is Flawless?" Campaign

I love when brands introduce campaigns designed to make us think about what beauty really means to us. That being said, Laura Mercier has recently launched a new online campaign (essentially an online conversation) that urges all of us to ponder the question "what is flawless?" and to submit our own definitions to this open-ended question. We're are all being asked to challenge the "traditional" notions of what is beautiful. Beauty lies in everything around us, and this discussion allows us to reflect upon those things. can you participate in the "What Is Flawless?" campaign? Simply head over to the Laura Mercier website and submit your answer. What's also really cool is that for every answer submitted between September 1st and December 1st, Laura Mercier will make a donation of $1.00 to the Gulf Relief Fund, a charity that is dedicated to restoring the wetlands preservation in Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana (Laura finds flawless beauty in the concept of charity for a cause!).

Make sure to also follow Laura Mercier on Twitter (@lauramercier) and use the #whatisflawless hashtag!

What do you think? Will you participate? Where do you see flawless beauty in your lives?