Friday, June 12, 2009

Urban Decay Pocket Rockets: Hot Gloss, Hot Men

(Note that not all of the glosses match up correctly with the names on the display...some got misplaced)

Urban Decay's Pocket Rockets are definitely right up my alley. Combining two of my favorites (and I think the ladies will agree on this one), juicy gloss and sexy men, these lip glosses are yummy, yummy, yummy. Available in eight shades, these sweet-smelling lip glosses (the scent reminds me of butterscotch; Sephora describes it as "Creme Brulee") will keep your lips super soft and hydrated, while providing the bonus entertainment factor - turning the gloss package from side to side reveals alternating hologram images of men "well dressed" and subsequently in undies. The Pocket Rocket glosses are all given male first names, for each of the hunks featured. How cute??? I'm totally feeling that!

These are the Pocket Rocket shades along with color descriptions and finishes:

Eric - sheer true red (sheer - a tint of color)

Timothy - coral with pink glow (shimmer - light reflecting, glossy luster; cream - buttery, slightly opaque)

Jesse - sheer blackberry with warm sparkle (sparkle - visible, but not chunky glitter)

David - milky mauve (cream)

James - sheer hot pink with ultra-violet glow (shimmer, sheer)

Doug - sheer medium pink with irridescent sparkle (sparkle, sheer)

Kirk - creamy nude (sheer, cream)

Julio - sheer white with irridescent sparkle (sparkle, sheer)

Here are the product swatches:

Top row from left to right: Eric, Timothy, Jesse, David

Bottom row from left to right: Julio, Doug, Kirk, James

There is pretty much a guy (and a gloss ;-) ) for every girl and every occasion (I think these would make great goodie bag gifts). I am excited every time I take one of these "rockets" out of my pocket...I can't help it; they make me smile!

Some fun facts on these super-cool and totally sexy glosses:

They contain Hyalouronic Spheres, "to improve cellular function, prevent dehydration, and fill in lines and wrinkles." When the gloss tubes are rubbed, pheromones are released - these chemicals are meant to highten sexual attraction.

These novel glosses retail for $19, and can be purchased at Sephora stores, online at, at Ulta stores and at, and of course at the Urban Decay website, I recommend going to the Urban Decay site for better images of the guys and also for info on their characters.

Bottom line? Guaranteed to fit neatly into your pocket, these glosses would make a nice addition to your lip product family.

Which one are you fancying? I think I'm a David girl.....or Timothy? Jesse? I can't pick just one!


  1. hahahhaah! These glosses crack me up! I saw them at the store and didn't know what to think of them.. The whole pheromone thing is pretty cool though! I didn't know that... Might have to give them a second look

  2. Oh la la!

    Love the shades but don't think I could pull off whipping one out during a bizz meeting.