Thursday, June 11, 2009

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics: Lip Tars Pack a Punch

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (or OCC, for short), is one of those brands to which I first got a formal introduction at the Make Up Show. My girl Adina, over at Krasey Beauty, had mentioned the line to me not long before the show, and she got me very interested in test driving some of the products. I was thrilled to be able to pick up some of the Lip Tars, OCC's highly pigmented lippies, that wear like lipsticks, but apply with the ease and convenience of a lip gloss. They go on to the lips with intense glossy color (they almost look like paint initially) and dry down to a more satin finish. When I say these puppies are extremely pigmented, I really mean it! A little drop of this product goes a VERY long way! The 10 mL tubes will be sure to last for quite some time! The Lip Tars are available in twelve colors, meant to be mixed together in a variety of combinations to create custom lip shades. The Lip Tars contain Vitamin E, Hemp Oil, Castor Oil, Peppermint Oil, and high intensity color pigments. Not only do your lips look hot, but they also feel great! The entire line of OCC products are also 100% Vegan and Cruelty-Free.

The colors in the Lip Tar range are:
NSFW - a vivid red
Katricia - a bright violet

Pageant - a "beauty queen" fuschia

Traffic - a bright yellow
Uber - a cool, taupe/beige

Melange - a warm, midtone neutral

Grandma - a cool, clean coral

Safety Orange - an intense orange

RX - a vibrant primary blue

Tarred - an opaque black

Feathered - an opaque white


Each of these retails for $12.50, and can be purchased at the OCC website, and a handful of professional makeup supply locations. The only retailer of the OCC line in the New York area is Rouge Makeup Studio, online at

I picked up five of these stunners:

From left to right: Grandma, Pageant, Feathered, Melange, NSFW

Swatches of the Lip Tars (don't say I didn't warn you...these babies pack a punch!):

Top row from left to right: Grandma, Pageant, Feathered

Bottom row from left to right: Melange, NSFW, and custom color blend (mix of some Grandma, NSFW, Pageant, and Feathered)

I also created a custom lip color by combining the residual products left on my fingers after swatching all of the colors (it almost looks like a lip stain here). Here's what resulted:

In addition to the Lip Tars, OCC has a range of other products for use on the eyes, face, and body. I'm definitely lemming the Nail Lacquers and the Loose Colour Concentrates! Be sure to check out this awesome line! I'm down with OCC (yeah, you know me!).....are you?


  1. I love the pink lip tar.

    Wait, you were at the NY makeup show? Were you at the blogger preview by any chance?

  2. I love the pink one, too! I also wish I had picked up the lavender one lol

    Yup, I was at the blogger preview :-) This was before my blogging days, but I was invited to come along with a friend.

  3. oic. We probably talked to each other without realizing. Hahaha, hopefully I can meet you at the next event ;D.

  4. It's very possible that we spoke to each other! I was so excited to be at my first makeup event, that I was in my own world lol I do hope we get to meet sometime, though!

  5. glad you liked them. i have/had mixed feelings. i especially like them for pro purposes, but a bit to work with on an everyday consumer level. i just did a post as well with swatches on my lips.. check them out!

  6. Oh Amy! Im sorry. Im gonna have to repeat your post in a couple days when I get mine too. lol.. The excitement wont allow me to be quiet! You picked some great colors! im excited to see the crazy combinations you come up with!!! Great Review my friend!

  7. Yummy411 - I'm definitely checking out your lip swatches! I really do like these for the high impact color, but I agree that they might be a little high maintenance for an everyday look. It's fun to create new colors, though!

    The Makeup Snob - I can't wait to see your post after you get your Lip Tars! You should post some lip swatches :-) We can compare the different colors we both come up with!

    Yinka - That you, darling!