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Prescriptives Exhilarating Summer 2009 Color Collection--Review and Swatches

While wandering through my local Bloomingdale's today checking out the cosmetics counters, I stumbled upon Prescriptives. While I had never previously tried any products from this brand, I wanted to check out their new collections for summer. The colors featured are fun and vibrant and the scents are fruity and fresh. Here is some info on the Prescriptives Exhilarating Collection.

The collection is divided into two sub-groups, the warm colors and the cool colors. Featured in each are three eyeshadow shades, a lipgloss, and two lipsticks.

The Color Details:


The Shadows ($14 each):

Caviar - Dark brown with soft gold shimmer (new; shimmer)
Calyx Green - Chartreuse (limited edition; satin)
Lemondrop - Yellow-beige highlight color (limited edition; shimmer)
The Lipsticks ($17.50 each):

Nectarine - Light peachy coral (limited edition; shimmer) - yellow/orange shade that complements golden undertones
Papaya - Coral pink (limited edition; shimmer)
The Lipgloss ($14.50):

Mango - Sheer orange with shimmer (limited edition)


The Shadows:

Cobalt - Royal blue (new; shimmer)\
Teal - Sea green (limited edition; shimmer)
Chiffon - Soft pink beige (permanent; satin)

The Lipsticks:

Strawberry -Fresh pink (limited edition; shimmer) - red shade that complements pink undertones
Raspberry - Lilac pink (limited edition; shimmer) - blue/red shade that complements cool rose undertones

The Lipgloss:

Pink Grapefruit - Sheer coral pink with shimmer (limited edition)

There is also one gloss included in the mix, intended to suit all skin-tones. This shade is called Guava, and it is a sheer apple green with shimmer.

In addition to the makeup, there are two brushes, an eye definer brush (new; $19.00) and an eye shade and shaper double-ended brush ($28), and a fragrance, Calyx Sheer Exhilaration ($38.50 for 1.7 fl. oz.).

My Review:
Overall, I very much liked this collection. The colors are all very wearable, pretty for the summer, and coordinate well to suit different skin-tones. The eyeshadows felt very smooth and seemed to blend easily. While the shadows were not heavily pigmented colors, I felt that they were lovely for a light and fresh eye. I also loved the way the three warm colors and the three cool colors complemented each other nicely to create a cohesive look. The lipsticks were all gorgeous shades of orange and pink (colors I looove!) They provide sheer to medium coverage and they are very moisturizing and have a glossy finish. I love this in a lip color, especially for the summer! It is almost as if your lipstick and gloss are in one product, great for those times when you want to keep your makeup look to a minimum. The lipglosses smelled delicious! They were sheer, yet shimmery, with pleasant ripe fruity scents - exactly the type of gloss I would love to slather on my lips (yuuuummmy!) The brushes were nice and fairly soft, though I don't think I would necessarily purchase them. The fragrance wasn't really up my alley, but it did have some interesting fruity and floral accents.

I would definitely recommend taking a look at this collection. I was pleasantly surprised with what Prescriptives had to offer with the color selections. Another thing that I like about this brand, in general, is that it is dedicated to creating more individualized products that suit the range of skin-tones.

Here are some swatches of the products (please ignore my hideous manicure....I think it has been a few weeks!):
Eyeshadow swatches from top to bottom and left to right:

Lemondrop, Calyx Green, Caviar

Chiffon, Teal, CobaltLipstick swatches from top to bottom and left to right:

Nectarine and Papaya
Strawberry and Raspberry

Lipgloss swatches (to the right) clock-wise from the top:

Mango, Pink Grapefruit, Guava

Another thing I wanted to mention quickly is that Prescriptives is going to have a Spring Blossom 5-piece GWP available from June 16-18 (with any $65 purchase). The products are included in a large pink satin tote bag. Also, if you spend $125, you will receive a full-size Better Off Makeup Remover. Check it out!

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