Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Collective Stila Haul: The Make Up Show, Sephora, and Online Purchases

Stila has already gotten some love from me (see my first post), but now I want to show you some of the other goodies I recently picked up from the Make Up Show in NYC, from Stila's 40% off sale online, and from Sephora. I was really itching to try out some of their products, especially their best-selling Smudge Pots (gel eye-liners) and the infamous Kitten eyeshadow. Having already snagged a few items from the new Indian Summer collection at the Make Up Show - the 24K Smudge Pot ($20) and 24K Lip Gloss in Brilliant Pink ($22) - I was really interested in picking up a few other items. So, when I heard about the sale I was obviously eager to pounce. I ended up ordering the A-Lister set, a compilation of eight of Stila's best-selling and award-winning products, Smudge Pots in Cobalt and Bronze ($20 each generally, $12 each with the sale), and an empty quad (regularly $16, but $9.60 with the sale) to house the four shadows from the set. In the set there are four full-size shadows in Kitten, Wheat, Go-Lightly, and Mystic (all gorgeous, neutral, and shimmery), a sample size of the Convertible Color in Peony, an Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15 in Shade 01, a Major Lash Mascara in Black, and a limited edition Lip Glaze in "Ulta" Mate Pink. This set was $40, which I thought was a pretty nice deal for all of these products. It's definitely a great way to sample some of Stila's best! Also at Sephora, I picked up the Oil-Free Sheer Color Tinted Moisturizer SPF 30 in Light 01 ($36) for those summer days when it's just too hot to wear a heavier liquid foundation. So far, I'm really liking it!
And now for some pictures of the damage!

And for some product close-ups:

Clockwise from top left: Kitten, Wheat, Go-Lightly, and Mystic shadows

Clockwise from top left: Smudge Pots in 24K, Cobalt, and Bronze

Left to right

"Ulta" Mate Lip Glaze and 24K Lip Gloss in Brilliant Pink

Somehow, the Peony Convertible Color didn't make it into the group shot! Here she is in all her glory ;-) :

Peony is such a gorgeous nude shade! And the best part of these Convertible Colors is that they can be worn as either cheek colors or lip colors! I absolutely love versatile products! Don't you?

And now.....for the swatches!

Swatches from top row, left to right:

Kitten, Wheat, Go-Lightly Eyeshadows

Swatches from bottom row, left to right:

Mystic Eyeshadow, "Ulta" Mate Lip Gloss, 24K Brilliant Pink Lip Gloss

Left to right:

Peony Convertible Color, Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer (Shade 01), and Oil-Free Sheer Color Tinted Moisturizer (Light 01)

Clockwise from top left: Bronze, 24K, and Cobalt Smudge Pots

I am really excited to try all of these products out! All of the colors are stunning and will fit nicely into my cosmetics collection.

As an initial review (based upon my swatching only), the Smudge Pots were fantastic. They offered pigmented, shimmery goodness! Interestingly, the 24K felt the smoothest. The shadows also felt incredibly smooth and were easily blendable. The colors were shimmery and pretty. Peony Convertible Color was absolutely lovely. I can easily see wearing this both on my cheeks and my lips; it had a very soft and creamy texture. Both lip glosses applied with the traditional Stila brush applicator (you must keep twisting the gloss container until the product dispenses through the tip), and while I didn't find them particularly pigmented, the colors were nice subtle pinks. The 24K Brilliant Pink gloss had the wonderful gold shimmer in it. I will definitely reach for these glosses this season. Also, to note, all of the products featured in the Indian Summer collection contain true 24K gold particles. WOW!

You can find these products (as well as others from the Stila line) at the following locations:

Sephora stores or at http://www.sephora.com/

Ulta stores or at http://www.ulta.com/

Online at the Stila website, http://www.stilacosmetics.com/

So there you have my haul, swatches, and mini-review. Now, I'm left wondering...what items do you have in your Stila collections (or what products of theirs are you loving or lemming right now)? Let me know! I'm all ears ;-)


  1. Love your post.

    Peony is a great color. The A-List set is pretty good value too.

    What's your fave item?

  2. IMM - Glad you enjoyed the post! Of the items in the A-Lister set, I'm most excited about the shadows (especially Kitten). The color is gorgeous! I also can't wait to test-drive the Smudge Pots :-)

  3. Loving the look of the smudge pots!

  4. Adina - The Smudge Pots are great! Beautiful colors and wonderful texture! I love the shimmer in them, too ;-)

  5. Great review and thanks for the swatches! Everything was beautiful!

  6. fab haul! esp that convertible color!

  7. The Makeup Snob - I'm glad you enjoyed!

    Yummy411 - Thank you! The convertible color is so pretty! I think I want more hehe