Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Illamasqua: Unleash Your "Alter-Ego"

I have heard so much great talk about the British make-up line, Illamasqua, in recent months, that ever since starting this blog, I have wanted to write my own piece about it. This is hopefully going to be my first post of several on this brand. To start off, I wanted to provide some background info on the company, what factors have influenced them to create their product range, and what they stand for.

Illamasqua pulls heavily from the "dark and illicit 1920's club scene" as well as the "alternative" cultures and their tendency towards the more dramatic. Illamasqua is all about "unleashing (one's) alter-ego," not being afraid to experiment with one's looks, and viewing personal style as the ultimate way to express the inner self. Each individual should be the master of his/her uniqueness, irregardless of what others think. The brand's products - with the professional quality and the wide range of products and colors being offered - allow for a great deal of self-expression. Intense, bold color is not shunned at all here!! All of the products are designed to be "color-intense, color-true, and long lasting."

Aside from being a brand that prides itself on "bucking the trends" in favor of doing what pleases the individual, Illamasqua can also state with confidence that their products are cruelty-free - absolutely no testing is done on animals.

I have to say every time (and this has become a daily occurence!) that I glance at the Illamasqua website, I am amazed - perhaps, in fact, slightly overwhelmed by the incredible products being advertised. There truly is something for everyone out there among the lipsticks, glosses, shadows, and face products! The images displayed on the site are stunning, too! Take a look!

To say that I am impressed at the quality of the artistry, is a most definite understatement!

I will say that these products are relatively pricey, however - roughly $23 (14 £) each for a lipstick and a single powder eyeshadow, for example. Nevertheless, this is really not too bad for high quality, pigmented make-up.

I am planning to provide you all with more specific reviews and swatches once I purchase some items from the brand, but in the meantime, check out the Illamasqua site at http://www.illamasqua.com/ for more information on the brand and to shop online. While this is a UK-based company, they do ship to areas outside of the country (but, man, I really do wish I were living in the UK right about now!)

Also, Illamasqua has recently launched their own blog. You can follow them at http://illamasqua.blogspot.com/.

Thoughts on Illamasqua? Are you as intrigued as I am?

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