Thursday, July 2, 2009

Pucker Up With New Lip Glosses From Benefit

As a certified lip gloss junkie, I am thoroughly excited about Benefit's release of a new line of glosses. Available in eight beautiful shades, Benefit promises that you will "look like a dream" sporting your shiny lips with just the right amount of color pay-off and none of the stickiness (who wants their hair attached to their lips?!?) Each gloss has a cushioned paddle to ensure smooth application every time. Who can say no to a shimmery, glimmery pout?

And now for a look at the colors! (All swatch photos are from the Benefit website)

Almost Famous (copper penny)

Fresh Squeezed (pink grapefruit)

Friends in High Places (sparkling raspberry)

I'm with the Band (golden pink shimmer)

Kiss You (clear fuschia)

Life on the A List (bubble gum pink)

Who Are You Wearing? (passion fruit pink)

Zone Out (golden nude)

All of these glosses look wearable and universally flattering! I'm pretty sure it's going to be hard not to have the "collect them all" mentality. And the names are great, too, huh? These lip glosses retail for $18, and you can find them at Benefit boutiques around the country, online at the Benefit website, and at Sephora stores and

Do you think you'll check them out?


  1. Who are you wearing is gorgeous.

  2. As I scrolled through the swatches, I was thinking I want this one, I want this one too and this one and this one...then I read your last paragraph about the "i want them all." So true! I will have to check out.

  3. IMM - I love Who Are You Wearing! Kiss You is also a fab pink! Any pink gloss has my name written all over it, for that matter lol Zone Out also looks like a great nude that could be a great purse staple.

    Michelle - I know, how delicious are these glosses?!? Definitely check them out. Let me know which ones you pick up!