Thursday, July 9, 2009

MAC Colour Craft - A Look At The Lipsticks And Lip Glosses

MAC's Colour Craft was officially launched today at all freestanding locations and counters. I was pretty excited to see what this collection had in store. Many different products are featured in this collection, including mineralized blushes, mineralized skinfinishes, new mineralized eyeshadow quads, lip products, and a new brush (along with some re-promoted brushes)! I was able to check out the goods at the MAC Pro store in NYC today. Pro stores have had this collection for a week already! I wanted to share some swatches with you, as well as some initial thoughts on the items. In this edition, I'll discuss the lip product selection.

Colour Craft presented us with six shades each of lipstick and a new formula of gloss, the marbleized lipglass. Among the lipsticks, there were five new limited-edition shades and one re-promote, Most Popular, from the Hello Kitty collection. Unfortunately, one of the lipsticks was missing from the display at the store I visited, so I was not able to get a swatch of it.

L-R, top row: Trimming Talk (frost), Made With Love (lustre), Madly Creative (frost), and Ever Embellish lipsticks (lustre)

L-R, middle row: Most Popular lipstick (lustre), Eclectic Edge, Nice Mix Up, Crazy Haute, Miss Marble marbelized lipglasses

L-R, bottom row: Funky Fusion and Pretty Pattern marbelized lipglasses

A closer look at the lipsticks:

L-R: Trimming Talk, Made With Love, Madly Creative, Ever Embellish

Most Popular

*ignore the swatch partially visible at the bottom!

And the glosses....!

L-R, T-B: Eclectic Edge, Nice Mix Up, Crazy Haute, Miss Marble, Funky Fusion, Pretty Pattern

This is a look at the packaging (same as the Tri-Color glosses) and the marbled appearance of the new lipglasses.

In general, I was pretty underwhelmed with the lipstick offerings. While they are pretty colors, nothing really stood out to me as a must-have. I had already picked up Most Popular with the Hello Kitty collection back in February, and I have to say that the special packaging that was available with HK was the only thing that really excited me about this shade. The color is a nice pinky berry, but definitely not one that is particularly remarkable. The only other colors that I might have revisited were Trimming Talk and Made With Love (I'm a sucker for pinks and corals!), but even these didn't excite me enough to warrant a purchase. The other lipstick that was not on the display is Color Crafted, a milky pink with a frost finish. The lipsticks retail for $14.

While I found myself unimpressed with the lipsticks, I was pleasantly surprised with the glosses. These new marbleized lipglasses feature a mix of color (a "marble" lol) that combines, upon swatching/application to deliver beautiful pigmented, sparkly shine. I thought these were going to disappoint me in the way that the Sugar Sweet collection's very sheer Tri-Colored lipglasses did. The gloss that I definitely have my eye on is Eclectic Edge. It is a gorgeous shimmery lavender, that would complement purple-hued lipsticks like Fashion Mews (from Hello Kitty) and Lavender Whip (from the Cremesheen collection) nicely. It would even look great paired with other lavender glosses - perhaps it might give Ever So Rich cremeglass the pick-me-up it needs! I also enjoyed the other color options. The pinks were, of course, beautiful, but I have too many pink glosses to count! Pretty Pattern would look very pretty over a nude lipstick or by itself for a subdued look. The marbelized lipglasses retail for $18, for .16 US oz. of product (dazzleglasses, for comparison, are the same price for .06 US oz.!)

So, there you have it! My swatches and mini review of the lippies and glosses from the new limited edition Colour Craft collection. Have you checked out the collection yet? Anything screaming to you "come and get me"?


  1. thank you so much for helping me to prepare for my visit to MAC tomorrow!!

  2. Yummy411 - I'm so glad I was able to be of help! I can't wait to hear what you pick up!!

  3. Great swatches Thank you! They are all so pretty!

  4. Cool post and swatches. I've got my eye on the marble lipglasses. I love your ring by the way. Did you get it in NY?

  5. Sara - You're welcome! I am really excited to pick up Eclectic Edge lipglass! It's so pretty!

    IMM - The marble lipglasses are very nice. If I had the funds and didn't have so many glosses already, I would probably pick up all of them! I think I might have to stick to one ;-)

    The black flower ring is from Aldo (found it at the store on 34th street in the city)! I had been looking everywhere for one (tried Forever21 first), but this one caught my eye!