Sunday, July 19, 2009

OCC Reintroduces Skin Shimmers!

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics is again offering their line of Skin Shimmers, airbrush highlighting products that can now also be applied using the hand. These are available in a range of six shades (in the photo above, pictured from L-R in Vintage, Bronzed, and Sunset) and work to produce a gorgeous "glow from within." They are safe to use on the face, the eyes, and anywhere else on the body! As with the usual liquid highlighters, you can mix a drop with your foundation to give your face a subtle glow (great for the summertime!) or mix with your favorite body lotion for a similar effect for the body, and as with all of the OCC products, these shimmers are meant to be mixed to create customizable shades, to give you radiant skin wherever you want it.

Here are the colors available now:

Pris - neutral champagne shimmer

Vintage - blue-violet shimmer

Bronzed - shimmering golden bronze

Sunset - gold-flecked peach shimmer

Golden - 24K gold sheen

Luster - semi-transparent white gold sheen (new shade!)

I love versatile products that can give you pick-me-ups wherever you might need them! A 1 oz. bottle of the Skin Shimmer goes for $20.00, while a 4 oz. bottle is $67.50 at Remember, OCC's products are very conventrated, so a little goes a long way! Mini kits are also available, perfect for sampling before you invest in full-size bottles (you can test out which colors you particularly enjoy!) A set of six minis retails for $25, and each is .25 oz.

If you haven't already, go check out the OCC line! They offer some amazingly highly pigmented and multi-purpose products and they are constantly adding new items/shades!


  1. How gorgeous are the colors. Makes me want to go out and buy an airbrush machine so I can use the products.

  2. IMM - Agreed, the colors are so pretty! I love highlighters. Also, you can apply these with your hands, too! So, no airbrush system is necessary ;-)