Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Introduces New Shades of Lip Tars and Loose Colour Concentrates!

OCC has done it again! Say hello to my little friends, six new shades of their famous Lip Tars and four new Loose Colour Concentrates!

Lip Tars:

Anime - neon pink

Conquest - opaque, polished ivory

Petty Beige - opaque and true, deep-toned ecru

Fondue - super dark chocolate

Hush - pale, antique bridal pink

Botanical - true forest green

Loose Colour Concentrates:

Glazed - Bronzed plum

Authentic - Intense, true copper shimmer

Spectral - frosty white with blue duochrome

Frigid - dead of winter sky blue

As usual, the Lip Tars retail for $12.50 each and the Loose Colour Concentrates retail for $10. Find them all on the OCC website!


  1. did you pick up any of the new shades! they look fab. I cannot imagine a pink brighter than pagent, lol

  2. Sara - I haven't tried any of the new colors, yet, but you know I want to! Funds permitting, I'm definitely going to snatch up a few of the new Lip Tars. I'm all over a pink touted to be brighter than Pageant!! I need to see it to believe it!