Sunday, July 5, 2009

Nordstrom Beauty Exclusives - I've Got My Eyes On You

By now, most of you are probably aware that Nordstrom is going to have a slew of great beauty exclusives available in stores and online beginning July 17th. There will be some really nice special sets and collections from brands we know and love (and from some we've been meaning to try!) Though these beauty exclusives will not officially launch for about another week and a half, you can pre-order your goodies at the Nordstrom website right now.

Here are a few items that are on my wish-list (emphasis on "wish"):

NARS Modern Love Palette, $55

Bobbi Brown 'Best of Bobbi' Set, $75

Dior 'Jazz Club' Eye Palette, $65

MAC 'Fresh Cut' Eyeshadow Palette, $35

MAC 'Graphic Garden' Eyeshadow Palette, $35

MAC 'Sun Siren' Look in a Box, $59.50

Chanel 'Muscat' Glossimer, $27

Couture Couture by Juicy Couture Rollerball, $16

Mario Badescu Travel Skincare Kit, $28

While my available funds certainly won't allow me to purchase all of the items on my list (vigorous head shaking - the side to side kind, of course!), I'm hoping to take a closer look at these products and the other great beauty exclusives at my local Nordstrom store soon.

What about you, my lovely Beauty Chick readers? Are you going to shop the Nordstrom exclusives? Let me know what tickles your fancy and be sure to comment if you do pick up anything!


  1. I love tyhe Nars and Mac palettes!!

  2. Catanya - I love the colors in the MAC palettes, especially in 'Graphic Garden'. So vibrant! I have the NARS holiday palette and it is amazing. The colors apply to the eye so easily and blend like butter! I think the 'Modern Love' palette won't disappoint, either ;-)

  3. ohh its all so pretty! I love Nordstroms. The modern love palette is gorgeous! and that dior jazz palette.... oh I think you just started a lemming!

  4. Definitely agree with the MAC pack (I'm lusting over Sweet tease), Bobbi Brown and Mario sets. Great value. Hmm, temptation is so strong.

  5. I like your wish list.!! I can't wait to visit Nordstrom and make my own wish list of such nice beauty products.