Friday, July 17, 2009

The Beauty Chick Wants To Hear From You!

Hello, my chickadees! OK, so this is a really important post even though I won't actually be saying much. In this installment I won't be giving you a rave review about a product that I currently adore or info about some gorgeous new collection. Instead, in this TBC post, I am asking for some much needed (and greatly appreciated!) feedback from my readers. While I am passionate about describing and critiquing what I am enjoying (or lusting after) in the beauty world, I am quite aware that I am not only writing for myself. I hope that those of you who follow The Beauty Chick have been benefiting from what you have been reading thus far. I would love to hear your own thoughts and opinions about the products I have been discussing. Dissention is fine! I want more dialogue here! What are you liking and what don't you like? What aspects of the posts are you fond of and what would you like to see approached differently? I am so thankful to those of you who already follow/subscribe to my almost 2 month old "baby" and I want to thank you in advance for any time that you take to help me out. I welcome any and all comments on specific ways that I might be able to make my blog more informative, useful, and entertaining. In essence, I am determined to make my blog a place to stop on your daily tour of the beauty blogosphere!


  1. *Thinks* Personally my fave posts on the blogs I follow are FOTDs, purchases and swatches.

    It's also nice to read non-beauty related posts too as believe it or not sometimes I DO get sick of reading about lipgloss or the latest MAC collection! LOL

    That way I 'get to know' the person behind the blog and they stand out a little from the million and one blogs all discussing the same products iykwim. It's nice to switch it up a little.

    Keep up the good work x

  2. VexInTheCity - Thanks so much for your comments! I will definitely take everything into account! I agree about including some posts that are not beauty-related. Would you be interested in seeing more "Getting To Know The Beauty Chick" posts? I try to use those as ways for my readers to get to know me better ;-)

  3. I think you are doing a great job. I really do. I agree with what "Vex" said regarding getting to know you a little better.

    Your reviews are wonderful and you have fabulous swatches, but someone who doesn't "know" you, like a lot of us do through other places, may not get to know just how funny, thoughtful and kind you are.

    Let your personality shine through, because it is a fabulous one! <3 <3 <3

    I wish you continued success with your great site. You deserve it!! :)

  4. exactly! dido what was written above. you are so chatty and fun. let your amazing personality shine though more! not that im one to give advice i a still getting mine figured out. but i love you blog my friend!

  5. This site is awesome! I lived with Amy for some time and she's ALWAYS been the beauty chick. I think that "green" is so trendy today. Are you going to do any posts on eco-chic? Can I get your personal thoughts on how to choose earth-friendly products that are also shimmery and sexy?

  6. Houston Living - You are the sweetest ever! I am definitely going to work on making my reviews and posts more "personal." I want to reintroduce my "Getting to Know the Beauty Chick" posts. Those were fun to write and I thought they could give my readers a little more insight into the things I love.

    I just wanted to let you know that your comment made me smile! I'm so glad to have gotten in touch with you ;-)

    Sara - I'm glad you are enjoying the blog (yours is quite fabulous as well!) I am still figuring out this whole blog deal, trying to work on the look of it, etc. You have been such a great person to chat with! Love ya!

    Marissa - Awww, sweetie! I am so thankful for your encouragement! I've come a long way. Remember those days in school when you had to apply my eye-liner for me? LOL I'm planning posts on "green" beauty products for sure! I think that is so relevant now, and I know you would especially appreciate reading about them! You are the greatest!

  7. i like exactly what you are doing. that's why i follow ;)

    when i met you, you seemed to be a bit more reserved, but between twitter and the blog i see your personality shining thru! that's why it's hard for me to understand the comments above but if you have more personality to share, the more the better!

    keep up the great work. wow you've made such a mark in the beauty in only 2 months!

  8. Yummy411 - are too sweet! I definitely was shy and reserved when you met me, but I also felt kind of out of place at the show. At that point I wasn't in the beauty scene at all, so I was thinking what is little old me doing here? hehe But, I am now so happy to be part of the beauty blogging world. Everyone has welcomed me and made me feel at home :-) You, especially, have been one of those people for me. Thanks so much for your support! I will keep trying to make this blog an enjoyable read!