Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Feed The Thirst: Quench Your Skin With Sampar Cosmetics Ultra Hydrating Fluid

New discovery, folks! If your skin is dry, tired, and in need of a little pick-me-up, then listen up! I have recently started using the Sampar Cosmetics Ultra Hydrating Fluid on my face (especially after exfoliating), and I could not be happier! My skin, even in the summertime, sometimes craves a bit of moisture. I generally reach for this lotion at nighttime, as for day use I tend to go for a moisturizer with SPF or a sunscreen.

More than just a skin cream, this product also acts to strengthen the skin, reinforce the skin's natural defense system, restore its balance and prevent water loss. The innovative "Urban Active Complex" - a mix of shea butter extract (to protect the skin against the effects of pollution and help build its resistance), mint leaf extract (to soothe, relax and protect the skin and to reduce inflammation), and plant sugar and lactate extract (a filler that helps reinforce the skin's defense system by developing beneficial germs) contained within the moisturizer works together with other active ingredients to accomplish this, and it also serves as an antioxidant as well. Applied consistently, you will notice some long term gains; more youthful looking skin with the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.

While I can't comment yet on the extended benefits of using the lotion (I've only recently started using it), I can say that I definitely am impressed with the texture of my skin after I apply it. My face feels almost instantly rejuvinated and awake. With the stress I put on my skin with the daily use of make-up products and the drying effects of some exfoliators and masks, my skin gets thirsty quite often. I have tried other face lotions before, but I have found it difficult to find one that really seems to "lock in" the moisture while keeping my skin from feeling oily. This product, I have discovered, does the trick for me. The scent is also very pleasant, light and floral, perfect to calm my senses before going to sleep.

A little background on the Sampar line:

This skincare line was created by Patrick Sounigo, a specialist in medical cosmetology, to provide a combination of "high performance, state of the art technology" and "efficacious aromatherapy" for the modern woman - definitely for the luxury-lover.

You can find the Ultra Hydrating Fluid and other products from the Sampar skincare line at a variety of online retailers (as prices may vary, I would suggest doing a Google search!) I do believe you can find it for $49.70 (for a 50 mL bottle) at http://www.eskinstore.com/.

So now that I've introduced you to this new moisturizer with which I have fallen in love, tell me, what are your go-to/fave products for quenching dry skin?

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