Saturday, August 8, 2009

Watch It: Introducing The Full Blooded Collection From Swatch

I have been watchless for about 7 months now (hey, the first step is admitting you have a problem, right?), and I'm not so happy with the situation. Accustomed to checking the little timepiece on my wrist, oh about every minute or two, it was definitely an adjustment to have to reach into my purse to check my cell phone everytime I wanted to know the time, especially if I was in a rush.

Cue the Swatch Full Blooded Collection onto the scene. While I have had Swatch watches in the past, I haven't worn one in many years. Why have they not been in my life for so long?? Where have I been?? I love watches that are not only functional, but are additionally statement pieces; they have something a little "funky" or "trendy" or interesting about them and can give a seemingly dull outfit a little "bam" factor (thanks Emeril for the apt term). I look for items that play off of a "function meets fashion" ideal. This new collection illustrates that so well. While classic in style, you can also find more colorful options - brown, blue, green, and even red - in addition to the more traditional silver, gold, and black. These fun shades would be fabulous paired with a neutral outfit - a simple black top and jeans, for example.

Each watch retails for $150 and features a clear plastic case with a colored link band, bezel, and dial. Crystals are set at each number to mark the hour (how cute!). The watch is a unisex design.

Check out the Swatch site (the link is for the US site; you can also find individual sites for other regions) to shop online for this (or other) styles. Here you will also find a list of Swatch retailers in your area.

Singer Kat DeLuna and Kelli (of Bravo's NYC Prep) have already been won over by this new collection and have been seen sporting a watch from the line. What do you think? Yay or nay?

Photo of Kelli of NYC Prep (far right) wearing the Full Blooded watch in gold

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