Monday, August 24, 2009

Even Out Your Skin With Clinique Even Better Foundation SPF 15

As you may know from reading previous blog posts, I am currently on a quest to find my "perfect" foundation. I've been trying out products with different formulas and from different brands to determine what works best for me. To that end, I decided to test drive Even Better foundation from Clinique. I was shopping in Sephora one day with Nancy of The Informed Makeup Maven, and she recommended that I check this one out. I hadn't used Clinique foundations for years (I think the last one I used was Superbalanced) so I figured why not try out this newer formula. I snatched up the foundation in Alabaster, the lightest shade in the range, which I believe is for very fair skin with more neutral undertones. When I applied it at the base of my cheek area and blended it into my neck, the color seemed to be a good match.

I have been alternating between using this and Revlon Colorstay as my daytime foundation. I like the way the product applies and blends into the skin for a natural-looking and luminous finish. It does seem to even out some of the redness in my skin without completely masking my "beauty marks." The coverage I would say is medium, with fuller coverage achieved with continued building up of the foundation. I generally apply a couple of layers onto my face, especially on the areas that need more covering up. It feels very light on the skin and even with excessive sweating (I wore this sight-seeing around Boston this past weekend on a very hot and humid day), it didn't melt off of my face. The foundation is made for dry combination to combination oily skin, so it should work out for a range of people out there.

Clinique states that this foundation is a "make-up meets treatment" product that contains "naturally luminous minerals to perfect" and Vitamin C to brighten the skin's tone with continued use. Clinique also claims that with frequent use, in 4 to 6 weeks, your skin, without make-up on, will appear clearer, have dimished age spots, and have a more even tone overall.

This foundation also contains SPF 15, a factor that always plays into my decision of whether or not to purchase a particular foundation. Even though I use moisturizers and primers that contain sun protection, I prefer when my foundation has some SPF as well (can't hurt, right?)

Here are two pictures of me in which I am wearing Even Better (underneath the beautiful face make-up that Adina, Krasey Beauty, did for me! Adina is on the left in the first photo.)

I recommend checking out this foundation especially if you like the potential of a fuller coverage product without the heavy feeling that some carry with them. It is available in a range of 11 shades, so hopefully there is a color out there to fit almost everyone. You can find it at Sephora, Clinique counters, and online at the Clinique website. The product retails for $24.50.

I wouldn't say I have found my "perfect" formula with this one, but I do like what is has been doing for my skin thus far and the weightless complexion-evening I experience when I wear it. I have only used it a couple of times, but I will be sure to report back after I use it for a month. Fingers crossed that it will have some lasting effects ;-)


  1. I'm so jealous that you and Krasey Beauty get to go shopping together! Sounds like so much fun!
    I've been using Revlon Colorstay and I've been thinking about trying this. This is the second review I've read/watched (on YT) so far and I think I might give it a try!
    Thanks for the review. :)

  2. JennXOXO - Aww, Jenn, it was lots of fun! I'm lucky Krasey Beauty and I live so close. I'm glad you enjoyed the review! I would definitely give this one a look. I am just getting back into some Clinique after a long hiatus, and I'm really enjoying this foundation. I think Colorstay might still be my fave, though!

  3. what color are you in revlon because i am the same alabaster in cliniques eveb better and i cant test them out at the drustore, please write back????!!! :):)

  4. Amandadotdot - I have been wearing Revlon Colorstay in 110 Ivory (I think it's the lightest color). It seems to be a pretty good match for my skintone! I hope this helps you!