Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Little Fun With Illamasqua: A New Sephora Location Opens in NYC!!

Last Friday I dropped by the new Sephora store in NYC's Time's Square on their first official day of business. I have to admit I was giddy with anticipation to check out not only the new location, but some of the brands that were set to launch anew at Sephora, including one that was arriving for the first time in the US - ahem, Illamasqua! As you can guess, I spent most of my time over at their counter! I also met up with some other fabulous beauty bloggers/lovers at the store, and we spent a few hours swatching and ogling the goods. Special shout out to my fellow beauty girls Adina of Krasey Beauty, Yana of My Own Judge, and Barbara of Make-up Your World for helping make for a fun time!

Of course, this being the first time I've been able to experience the Illamasqua product line up-close and personal, I was excited, albeit overwhelmed at the number of choices. Many of the product offerings from the full UK range were available. I believe about 200 products all-tolled, each staring up at me saying "buy me!" What a dilemma! I didn't know where to start. Luckily, some super sweet and approachable Illamasqua artists had flown in for the launch all the way from London, and were on hand to introduce the range to eager American customers. They even offered little makeovers!! Adam, Daniel, and Jennifer are some fierce individuals (I completely mean this in the most flattering and complimenting of tones - think a la Tyra Banks on Top Model). I got to chit-chat a bit with each of the artists. I got a little taste of each of their personalities, too. Jennifer totally rocked out in a hot black corset and cute wrist cuffs from Kiki de Montparnasse, Adam amazed me with some bright and colorful eyes (and some beautiful contouring skills, I might add!), and Daniel was on hand to suggest a great blush color and gloss to complement it (Lover Powder Blush and Torture Sheer Lip Gloss for a gorgeous peachy cheek and juicy lip!) Daniel even tried the colors on me to show me how well they would work with my skintone for a great everyday look. I will post the complete haul with swatch pictures very soon!

So enough of my jibber-jabbering! You all want to see some photos, right? ;-) Some photos were taken using my camera phone, but all of the pictures with people in them are to be credited to Adina and Barbara (yes, I left my camera battery - fully charged, mind you! - at home).

Outside of Sephora's new home at 5 Time's Square

A taste of yummy Illamasqua product goodness

A little personal introduction? Why not! Here I am modelling in front of the display saying "you know you want some of these pretties, so come and get 'em!"

Group shot with Adam! L-R: Yana, Adina, Adam, me

Adam's fierce eyes up close

Adina being silly pre-makeover

Mid-makeover action!

Me and the lovely Jennifer! I think I need her corset!

Solo shot of me and Adam

Looking cute! Posing for the camera ;-)

With Jennifer and Daniel


It was really a great night! I loved the whole experience; hanging out with friends, meeting some truly talented artists, and soaking up the excitement of a new launch! I'm already planning my next trip there with my "wish-list." It's too bad my eyes are bigger than my wallet!!!


  1. Love this post, and the pics. It was great fun sharing this experience with you lovely ladies :)

  2. I am beyond excited for you!! The pictures are amazing and your coverage is the best!!! Hot Hot Hot!

  3. NYC*B - I'm so glad you were there! You surprised me, too. I didn't know you were coming out! It was definitely a fun night.

    Sara - I'm glad you enjoyed the post! It was so cool to see some of the artists in action. Even the rain couldn't deter me that night!