Monday, August 3, 2009

This Is "It": Camouflage Dark Circles With A Little Help From It Cosmetics

Dark circles be gone! Like many of you out there, I deal with the daily task of trying to conceal dark under-eye circles (gotta love genetics, huh??). I've tried several concealers over the years. Some work better than others. For the past month or so, though, I have been using a product that has really helped to brighten up the dark shadows under my eyes. Drumroll please! I'm pleased to introduce to you my new friend, Bye Bye Under Eye, by It Cosmetics. While some concealers are dry or don't seem to stay put over the course of the day, this formula is both moisturizing, with Vitamins A, C, E, and K and Collagen, which also help to reduce puffiness and discoloration while strengthening the delicate skin, and waterproof, able to withstand anything (like sweating through the summer humidity!) This concealer provides full-coverage - it was actually developed to cover up facial bruising and swelling on surgery patients - and its formula was conceived of with the help of Brazilian plastic surgeons. So you know they meant business with this one! What is also great about this product is that truly a very small amount is needed to cover the under eye area. I use this solely as a concealer for my dark circles and into the inner corners of my eyes where some darkness can also linger, and I apply it with either the MAC 242 brush (a small synthetic-bristled brush) or with my ring fingers, generally after I put on my foundation. Both methods seem to work well for me - sometimes it all depends on how much time I have before I have to head out of the door! Regardless of the method used to apply, I would always recommend setting with a light powder. The lightest shade of this, aptly called Light (for very fair skintones), matches my skin very well and the consistency of this concealer is great! I would best describe it as a moderately thick cream (when it comes out of the tube) that when applied to the area, blends effortlessly and smoothly into the skin. I am very impressed with the staying power of Bye Bye Under Eye and the way it covers my problem spots. It also doesn't cling to fine lines or wrinkles, something that many products inevitably do. Need some photographic evidence to convince you of the power of this product? See for yourself! Behold two shots of me in which I'm wearing the It Cosmetics concealer on my "circles."

I would highly suggest that you check this one out if you are on the market for a concealer that provides a good amount of stay-put coverage. You can find this product, which retails for $24, at the It Cosmetics website. It is available in four shades: light (ultra fair), neutral medium (light medium), tan (medium), deep (dark tan).

Have you found your "it" under-eye concealer? Please share!


  1. I could so use a new concealer so I'm going to check this one out!! Fab review, mama!

  2. I want this!!!! I HAVE to have it!!! It should be on the law school booklist!!

  3. you look amazing! If IT makes my skin look like yours I am all over it! you look flawless!!

  4. B - I would definitely check it out. The coverage is great! Dark circles are definitely not my friend lol Glad you enjoyed the review! Always aim to help my fellow beauty lovers out!

    Lauren - You need this in your life!

    Sara - Aww you are too sweet! Appearances are so deceiving, my friend! Under the foundation and concealer, my skin is far from flawless! I do recommend looking at this product if you are on the market for a new concealer. It's wonderful and will last forever! You always look fabulous, though ;-)