Friday, August 7, 2009

Turn Up The Heat (Or Rub Away The Pain!) With "Fire" Element Mist Massage Oil From Soy Spacasso

Looking for a sensual treat to enjoy with that special someone in your life? Maybe you are stressed after a hard day's work and just need to unwind? If you have answered "yes" to either (or both!) of the aforementioned, then look no further. The Element Mist Massage Oil from Soy Spacasso is a great way to spice things up or to simply help you relax and recenter. Available in three scents - Earth, Wind, and Fire - these massage oils are all natural and contain "luxurious soya, shea, and essential oils." I recently took "Fire" out for a spin, and let me tell you, it was great! Since The Beauty Chick is flying solo these days, I figured I would just test it out on myself. I have tired, tense muscles, after all, so why not?? Let me tell you, I was not disappointed!

Soy Spacasso describes this scent as one in which the "complexity of relaxation and invigoration are entwined into one" and in which hints of cinnamon bring "health and verve to your skin" while enhacing a "sensuous mood." I love it! The scent also reminds me of fall, with an aroma redolent of warm apple cider. Just one whiff of "Fire" leads to daydreams of cooler weather and images of sitting by the fireplace, drink in hand. I don't know about you, but I find such images to be very relaxing! I sometimes wonder if my love of the fall relates to my being a fall baby ;-). Regardless, I love the way I feel when I breathe in the incredible calming scent of this oil. Rubbing it into some of my more "tense" areas - my neck muscles, for example - is so soothing. I don't always have the best posture when I'm writing away at my desk. But, after a few hours, my stressed muscles just have to give in to the relaxing effects of this fantastic product. What is so great is that the muscle warmth that the product creates lasts well into the next day! Kind of amazing, no??

The information on the back of the package says that the product has been formulated to leave a light scent on the skin without imparting an oily residue. The instructions state to pump some of the massage oil into your hands, rub them together to create a warming sensation, and then apply it to any area you would like to experience a little passion or relief.

I have yet to try the two other massage oils, but I thought I would give you a little bit of information on those as well. "Earth" contains sandalwood, an "earthly fragrance" that helps promote the feeling of being "one with the universe." "Wind," on the other hand, will help you feel a sense of calmness and tranquility in the "aroma of china rain." Both of these sound great to me as well! I have never been one to use massage oils (without, let's say, having a man nearby), but I am now loving the idea of using these to help heighten feelings of peacefulness and relaxation. Who couldn't use more of that in her life?? We've all become too uptight for our own good!

You can find the Element Mist Massage Oil on the Soy Spacasso website, and there it retails for $8. On this great site, you will also find other all-natural soy-based skincare items that will rejuvinate your body and soul. There really are some amazing products. Being partial to lip balms, I might try out one of those very soon!

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