Sunday, December 6, 2009

Holiday Gift Idea #8: The Shaker Infinity Scarf From The Limited

Functionality meets fashion with the Shaker Infinity Scarf from The Limited. I have been loving the trend lately, and with the weather really getting cold in the NYC area, The Limited's version is particularly appealing. Constructed of a chunky knit, this scarf is bound to keep you warm on the chilliest of days. The versatility of this scarf is a great, too. It is formed as a big circle, and can be worn a number of different ways (hence the "infinity" part of its name!) You can wrap it around for the double-layered look, you can wear it as a multi-length scarf, and you could even wear it pulled around your shoulders as a shrug. Whether they be beauty products or fashion pieces, you all should know by now that I love multi-purpose, multi-functional items!

I could see this being a great gift for a variety of women in your lives - mothers, sisters, and friends. Everyone wants to look cute while dressing for the cold temperatures!

The Limited Shaker Infinity Scarf comes in a variety of beautiful colors. You can find them at The Limited stores as well as online at It is currently on sale for $23.70 as well (down from $39.50). What a great deal!

Styling Tip: Dress the scarf up and add a little character by attaching a brooch of your choice!

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  1. I am SO happy I held out on buying one of these. Now that they're on sale, I can get two instead of just one! Thanks for the info.