Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Bath And Body Works Intoxicates With Twilight Woods

I'm going to preface my short anecdote by saying that I'm generally one of those girls who walks by the salesperson urging you to try the latest and greatest fragrance, knowing very well that she (or he) is going to try to push the product on you (and I know I don't generally have self-control!) However, one day a few weeks ago, I walked into my local Bath and Body Works store and for once stopped to test out the new scent that the saleswoman was sampling. I smiled and nodded along in agreement with everything she was telling me about the new addition to their Signature Collection, and told her I would walk around and browse and think it over. I actually found myself pleasantly surprised! I traipsed around the store for a good ten minutes sniffing the card upon which the fragrance had been sprayed. Though I left the store empty handed, I caught myself inhaling the sweet-smelling fumes all the way to my next destination. I was smitten!!

A new addition to the Bath and Body Works line, the Twilight Woods collection boasts a variety of products for the skin and bath - an eau de toilette, a hand lotion, a body butter, and a shower gel, to name a few. The scent is so light and pretty, refreshing, feminine, and romantic. It is beautiful and comforting, and plays harmoniously with the senses, enveloping you in its midst. The fragrance is definitely one that I can see being very popular with a range of customers. While it is not a novel scent per se, it does have a very "hypnotic" quality to it. You won't be able to turn away! The notes include juicy berry, soft mimosa, apricot nectar, and warm woods. I particularly love the mix of the fruity (my favorite!) with the "heavier" woody tones. The result is pure bliss for the olfactory system!

Needless to say, I headed back to the store about a week later and picked up the Twilight Woods Fragrance Mist ($12) for myself! I guess I couldn't resist for too long (and no, the word "twilight" in the scent's moniker played zero role in my decision to buy it!)

I highly recommend checking out the Twilight Woods selections in your local Bath and Body Works locale or online at www.bathandbodyworks.com. Simply intoxicating!


  1. Yes, I love that scent. It smelled so good. I bought the mini perfume and mini lotion for $15 as a gift for my mom... but we all know she won't be the only one using it :)

  2. ndoodles - What a great gift for your mom! The scent is one of my favorites now. I find that the fragrance mist lasts for hours (which is hard to find with body splashes)! I think you're probably going to have go out and by yourself some Twilight Woods goodies soon..unless your mom gets the hint when you start using hers! ;-)