Sunday, November 22, 2009

LUSH's None Of Your Beeswax Lip Balm: A Vegan-Friendly Treat For The Lips

I am a veritable newbie to the LUSH line (I am sure that there are 1000's of LUSH-aholics who would like to kick me in my rear end after that admission!), but I am trying to ease myself into the brand slowly. I fear - or rather my wallet fears! - that once I go LUSH, there is no turning back!

One of LUSH's lip balms, None of Your Beeswax, has, over the past few months, made it into my beauty product arsenal. I have especially taken to using it at bedtime, as it leaves my lips feeling super soft and smooth the next day. The balm's scent mixes vanilla and lemon, and the texture is the perfect balance of waxy and soft. Unlike some of the other potted lip balms I have used, my finger does not sink in and pick up too much product.

This product is also 100% Vegan. Though I myself do not follow such a diet, I can appreciate the fact that this balm is suitable for those who do. The ingredients are all natural and include extra virgin coconut oil, carnuba wax, and murmur butter, to help keep lips feeling moisturized. You can rest assured that while this product will work tirelessly to soothe your pout, using it won't weigh heavily on your conscience!

You can find None of Your Beeswax at LUSH stores and online at It retails for $6.95.

This would make a yummy stocking stuffer for friends or family. As the saying goes....friends don't let friends....go without kissably soft lips! Right? ;-)

NB: This product was sent to me by a PR representative for my consideration. Though I did not purchase it myself, my review was in no way influenced by my receipt of a sample. I am dedicated to providing reviews that are 100% my own opinions, bias-free. If I ever feel that I cannot give my readers honest feedback on a product, I will not present a review for it. I am here to inform, and publishing untruthful thoughts is neither beneficial to those who visit my blog nor to me.

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