Friday, November 13, 2009

Holiday Gift Idea #2: Chanel Mini Glossimer Trio

I came across these really cute Mini Glossimer Trio sets from Chanel when I went to check out the beauty floor at SAKS a few weeks ago. I am a huge fan of these glosses (I have Mica and Coral Reef). They are super silky smooth, not sticky, and have a gorgeous shine to them. They vary in finish, but most I have seen seem to contain some shimmer (not chunky glitter, but rather a subtle sparkle). Others are a little frosty, while a few are cream formulas, completely devoid of any shimmer or sheen. The only thing I don't love about the Glossimers, I would have to say, would be the price tag. A regular full-size gloss goes for $27 (ouch!)

I have been eyeing some more of these babies, but have relegated them to my wish list because they are pretty pricey. Cue in the trios! Though they have been available previously, these gloss collections are only around for the holiday season. There are two different versions of the limited edition sets, two tonalities if you will. The first, Les Soleils, features some beautiful warm shades - Pin-Up, a beige peach, Coral Reef, a pink beige, and Glow, a bronze peach. The cool set, Les Roses, includes Magnifique, a sparkly pink, Glaze, a white pink, and Satinette, a pearl pink. I think this is the perfect way to give the gift of luscious lips (or if it's for yourself, a great way to get your feet wet and test out a few of Chanel's best-selling shades!) The packaging of the sets themselves look gorgeous, too (but we are talking Chanel, of course). Each comes housed in a black box, adorned with the traditional Chanel logo, within a larger gold package.

Any luxe lip gloss lovers in your lives? These sets retail for $50, and are available at SAKS stores and online at

Kiss kiss!!

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  1. Fabulous gift idea. Only problem is that I'll one want for myself too. Guess that's one of pitfalls of Holiday shopping. LOL.

    Thanks for sharing!!!

    (aka MakUpDiva)