Sunday, November 15, 2009

Holiday Gift Idea #3: Personalized Boutique Offers So Much More Than Bling

I'm back at you again with another post that I hope you might find helpful as you search for the perfect Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanza presents for your loved ones. This gift idea is especially apt for those friends (or family members, obviously) with whom you have a close relationship and for whom you really want to get something with that personalized touch.

I stumbled upon, a fantastic website (a family-owned company, I might add) that offers a wide array of high quality and personalized jewelry pieces, when I was on the hunt for a name necklace (a la Carrie of Sex and the City) last spring. I have always wanted a signature necklace, even before Sarah Jessica Parker made the neck candy famous, but I was never able to find a quality piece. I was searching for something that wasn't too flimsy, a sturdy item that I would not have to worry might bend or break on me.

You could say I did my research before making my purchase. I spent at least a month checking the site, reading reviews, emailing back and forth with the owner of the company in order to decide the style that suited me best. What helped with my choice and made me extremely comfortable with the ordering process was the amazing (and when I say amazing, I really mean it!) customer service and individualized attention that I felt my questions were receiving. The testimonials also made me feel secure in my decision to purchase from this website. I'm always wary of online shopping. However, the way that I was handled was particularly reassuring. I could not have been happier., in addition to offering the traditional name plate necklaces, also has a large selection of other personalized items. From rings to bracelets and anklets to individual charms, this company has it all (and they are very receptive to any and all requests for personalized pieces that they don't currently offer!) Jewelry is offered in yellow gold as well as Sterling silver. Prices vary by piece, but the necklace I ordered was $175, which I thought was very reasonable considering the strength, quality, and construction of the 14k gold piece.

I know I just gave you a lot of information about my personal experience with the company, but I just want you to know how much I respect the way they work from start to finish (and I'm not just singing their praises willy nilly). I would not hesitate to order from them again.

I highly suggest that you scope out if you are looking for that extra special way to bring a smile to a loved one's face this Holiday season.

Who doesn't love jewelry, right? ;-)


  1. Thanks for sharing this information!! I just put this on my must have x-mas list so that I can express my inner Carrie. Now I can tell the family where to purchase:-)

  2. Yay! You will absolutely love it! I'm going to have a code available in the next week or so that will be good for free shipping in the US for at least one week. You better drop those hints to your family ;-)