Sunday, January 3, 2010

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant: Gentle, Yet Invigorating

My skin has been acting mighty strangely lately. Though it has been feeling dry and even a bit flaky, I've been finding myself dealing with frequent break-outs. I have been trying out new skincare routines - separate products for morning and night time (I'll include a separate post about my new regimen). Thus far I have been very happy with my latest find from Dermalogica. Dermalogica's philosophy is to deliver products that are free of irritants (those that can cause break-outs, for example), are high-quality, and appeal to the professional community.

The brand's Daily Microfoliant has become my "weapon of choice" at night time. It is a rice-based powder, that when activated with water, lathers to become a very gentle and thorough exfoliant. It is intended to be used after cleansing. Although I was at first skeptical about the power of a powder exfoliating product, I completely changed my mind after using this product. It works deep down to remove any excess skin debris, while working to smooth and tone the skin, helping to improve its appearance over time. I have been very impressed with the way my skin has been feeling, invigorated and exceptionally clean. The exfoliating beads are so fine that they permit the use of the cleanser on a daily basis without irritation. It is recommended for all skin types. My skin can be rather sensitive at times, and I have had no problem using this exfoliant.

In addition to the rice base, the formula contains a blend of ingredients that work together to achieve its intended results. Papain, Salicylic Acid, and Rice Enzymes work to gently exfoliate away any dead skin cells, and the brand's own Skin Brightening Complex acts to help balance the skin's pigmentation. Skin-soothing agents such as Green Tea, Ginkgo, and Oatmeal leave the skin feeling calm and refreshed.

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NB: This product was sent to me by a PR representative for my consideration. Though I did not purchase it myself, my review was in no way influenced by my receipt of a sample. I am dedicated to providing reviews that are 100% my own opinions, bias-free. If I ever feel that I cannot give my readers honest feedback on a product, I will not present a review for it. I am here to inform, and publishing untruthful thoughts is neither beneficial to those who visit my blog nor to me.

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