Monday, January 11, 2010

Beauty Basics Product Rave: adesign Pointed Foundation Kabuki

I've been through the gamut of instruments to help me achieve the most flawless foundation application possible - MAC 190, 109, sponge wedges, name it! While I've found each method has its advantages, I have been blown away by a brush that I purchased in May but have only starting using in the past couple of weeks. This brush of which I speak is the Pointed Foundation Kabuki ($26) by adesign.

Designed to allow for flawless and even application of foundation every time (or for use with your moisturizer!), this little brush is perfectly crafted with a tapered tip that helps to get the product into any an all crevices (think: around the nose, around the eyes, etc.) on the face. It blends the product so easily into the skin, and your complexion is left without the dreaded streaks. The bristles of this brush are also rather densely packed and I find that they pick up just the right amount of foundation and deposit it without patchiness, blending it seamlessly. I also love the way the kabuki fits perfectly into my hand, as I'm generally one to grip brushes close to the ferrule anyway.

I haven't found anything like this brush in my cosmetic-researching travels thus far, and I really think this a great investment and a welcome addition to any makeup lover's collection. I first learned about adesign at The Makeup Show, and I am hoping that they will be making another appearance at this year's event! I just might pick up a few more brushes including their long-handled version of the pointed-bristled brush (which sold out before I could get my hands on it).

If you are interested in this brush or others in the adesign range or to find retailers near you, visit

Have any of you tried any of the line's offerings?

NB: I purchased this product myself.


  1. Awesome. I gotta get me one!

  2. IMM - It's a GREAT brush and has become my go-to for foundation application. I would highly recommend checking it out at The Makeup Show this year (fingers crossed that adesign is there!) It is well worth the price (the regular price isn't too bad, and at the show I think I got it for $16).