Sunday, October 18, 2009

Just A Friendly Reminder: Sephora Friends and Family Sale Starts Monday!

Hello lovelies! By now, I am sure that you are aware of Sephora's Friends and Family sale, which is set to hit their website this Monday. The sale, which will be exclusively online, will run from October 19-November 2, and will feature a discount of 20% on all purchases. To redeem the offer, enter the code FF2009 at checkout.

If you can, definitely try to take advantage of this discount. As beauty junkies, we know that sales on cosmetics, skincare and hair care are few and far between!

So what do you think? Will you partake in the Friends and Family offer? If so, what's on your list??


  1. Stocked up on NARS - love their cream blushes & the multiple!

  2. Ooooo! I'm planning to post up my haul later today, but it seems we were thinking alike when we did our hauling! I absolutely love NARS and I picked up a few items, too! Which are your favorite cream blushes and multiples?