Monday, October 5, 2009

GO-GIRL™ For The Girl On The Go

If you're a planner like me, you always try to prepare for any occasion (or mishap!) that might arise while you are out and about. I sometimes feel as if I carry a complete pharmacy with me - Ibuprofen, a box's worth of bandaids, lip balms, floss, nail clipper/file, hand sanitizer, and even tools to fix my sunglasses! But really, it can't hurt to cover all bases, right? Recently, I have come across a brand called GO-GIRL™, the brainchild of Shelly, an everyday woman who wanted an easy way to clean stray hairs from her clothes while she was on the go. What began with LINT-ON-THE-GO-SHEETS®, quickly expanded into a range of practical products for the modern woman (and even a few for the men in our lives!). The Smudge-Sponge™ to remove deoderant stains from clothes and VAVA-VOOM™, silicon reusable nipple covers, are two such examples. I know that I for one don't particularly enjoy having to use wet paper towels to remove deoderant smudges from my shirts (hello towel particles!). CHIC™ double-sided tape has additionally been featured on E!'s Daily 10.

Smudge-Sponge™, $13 for a set of four sponges

VAVA-VOOM™, $30 for one pair of hypoallergenic nipple concealers (lasts up to 25 uses)

CHIC™, $9.50 for thirty-six clear double-sided adhesive strips

You can check out these GO-GIRL™ items as well as others for the face and body at

Great news! GO-GIRL™ is offering a special 15% discount for The Beauty Chick followers from October 5-7. Enter code "Beautychick" at checkout to redeem.

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  1. Do they have anything for disheveled and disorganized Mavens like moi who don't plan? ;D

    Thanks for the 15% discount.