Monday, October 19, 2009

The Damage Has Been Done: Sephora Friends And Family Haul

Sephora's Friends and Family sale has officially arrived! I was determined to get my order out as soon as possible, before items that I wanted had a chance to sell out or the website suffered from traffic overload, so I ended up staying awake until 3 AM EST when the code was released for use. If that's not dedication (or maybe it's just an addiction!) then I don't know what is! My list changed a bit from its original version, but there were products that I have absolutely been waiting to get my hands on with the 20% off sale.

Without further ado...the beauty damage!

Urban Decay Book of Shadows Vol. II, $48 (after sale $38.40)

Stila Kajal Eye Liner in Topaz, $18 (after sale $14.40)

NARS Day and Night Palette, $50 (after sale $40)

NARS The Multiple Coffret (includes Orgasm, Copacabana, and South Beach minis), $40 (after sale $32)

Yves Saint Laurent Mascara Singulier, $30 (after sale $24)

The Urban Decay palette was a no-brainer. I knew I had to have it! Sixteen gorgeous shadows, two mini 24/7 eye liner pencils, and a mini Primer Potion for $48 is a great deal. NARS palettes have yet to disappoint me. I have the Holiday palette from last year and I use it ALL the time. Their shadows are buttery smooth and so easy to use. The other items I added out of curiosity. I was intrigued by the Stila Kajal in Topaz, a nude, peachy pink shade. I thought this could be great to use to brighten up my eyes (I have a lot of dark areas and I don't always like to wear dark liner on my lower lashline/waterline). Also, with my complexion being so fair, I might even be able to use this pencil to spot conceal. As for the set of NARS multiples, I was interested to try out a few of the most popular shades of this universal stick. These minis are perfect to carry in your purse for any touch-ups or pick-me-ups your skin might need during the day. I have never used a YSL mascara before (though I always hear stellar reviews of the Faux Cils!) and while they are pricier, there will never be an opportunity to score one of their lash enhancers at a discount greater than 20%. I decided on their new mascara in black (the colored versions were enticing!)

So, there you have it! I am very happy with my selections, I must say. The only other product I was contemplating was a new foundation. I've been eyeing the NARS Sheer Glow and I have also been hearing some positive feedback on the Philosophy Supernatural Superbeautiful foundation. I'm a bit hesitant to order foundation online without being color matched first, though, so these might have to wait for a later date. Unless, that is, I can get to a store before the sale is over ;-). This could get dangerous!


  1. Fab buys! How long is Sephora F&F on for?

  2. What an amazing haul! Enjoy everything!!

  3. Thanks, ladies! Did you/are you hauling anything? The Sephora F&F sale will be on until November 2nd.

  4. Your selection is superb! I went to the store this weekend in anticipation of the sale so that I could swatch a couple things. I'm pretty much settled on NARS lipstick pencil in cruella and their lipstick in belle du jour. and since it's 20% off and all i may try the new matte formula of bare minerals. after seeing your "haul" i'm totally excited to get shopping too!


  5. I love your stash. Truly a dedicated Sephora junkie. 3 AM is hardcore. I salute you!

  6. Mama Fashionista - Thanks! I'm excited to try everything out! I love your choices. I've seen NARS' lip pencil in Cruella in Sephora and it's a gorgeous color. Belle de Jour is a great nude lipstick (one of my faves!) I especially like the texture of their lipsticks. I find them to be moisturizing..not at all drying! I think you are going to love both of those!

    The Informed Makeup Maven - Haha! I just happened to be very awake that night, so I figured I might as well wait to order when the sale started!