Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Saving Skin with SK-II Skin Signature

By Skincare Confidential

Sometimes our skin needs a little extra attention and pampering to help stave off the effects of the daily grind. Cult skincare brand, SK-II, has a delectable anti-aging skincare range, Skin Signature, which features a moisturizer designed to restore and strengthen the skin, improving overall radiance and smoothness. SK-II Skin Signature ($205) is a lightweight luxe cream that contains Vitamin B3, Pitera and Oli-Vityl which work to condition the skin while delivering long lasting moisture. Vitamin B3 is important for overall skin and cellular health, while Pitera and Oli-Vityl are derived from yeast and olives respectively, to help improve the skin’s clarity and provide hydration.

I have been trialling this cream and have found that it has done a great job at keeping my skin soft and supple, especially at the end of the day, after thoroughly cleansing the day’s grime, grease and sunscreen off with a heavy duty cleanser.

Under makeup, Signature provides a good silky base over which foundation can glide. I recommend allowing at least 3 minutes to let it sink in so that skin is really hydrated before applying foundation. If it hasn’t absorbed fully, makeup can get a bit streaky. No time to wait? Add a drop of foundation to a pea-sized amount and make your own delectable tinted moisturizer.

What I love most about this cream is that it did a good job helping my skin cope with the roller coaster humidity and heat of this past summer, which had the ability to wreak havoc on even the most normal skin. Over the period of testing the product, I noted my skin didn’t dry out or turn flaky by the end of the day. Nor did it turn super shiny or breakout when humidity levels climbed. In terms of clarity and tone, it was a bit hard to tell. During the summer months, my skin generally has a more “even” tone due to my natural mocha hue.

I recommend Skin Signature to everyone as it is lightweight, provides lasting hydration, and doesn’t contain anti-aging ingredients that can irritate sensitive skin. This product is an ideal addition to any basic skincare regimen.


  1. Ah, but is it worth the price tag?

  2. Styrch - "Skincare Confidential" says that since the cream is rather pricey, she would probably not recommend it for purchase as an everyday moisturizer. It does make a great splurge, though, if you are really looking for a skin treat ;-)