Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mascara Loving: NEW Rimmel Lash Accelerator Mascara With GROW-LASH Complex

Photo credit: Rimmel London website

Let's face it. Mascara is pretty important to me. On a daily basis, I don't have the time (or energy!) to do a full eyeshadow look, and most days I'll simply swipe on a few coats of mascara and run out the door. I've found myself purchasing a lot of different mascaras lately (mostly drugstore), many of which are ones that have been getting a lot of attention, trying to figure out what works best to enhance my natural lashes (which on their own, tend to be average length, but rather straight pre-lash curler....thanks dad!).

One mascara that I have really been enjoying over the past couple of weeks is Rimmel Lash Accelerator Mascara with Grow-Lash Complex. I find that the formula really does the job of lengthening my lashes (I generally apply a few coats, as I normally would with any mascara) and even adds a bit of volume as well (for added volume, I would suggest pairing with a volumizing mascara). I don't have any issues with the formula flaking throughout the day, and the brush is the perfect size for reaching those lashes in the inner corners of the eyes. I sometimes have a more difficult time applying mascara to this area with thicker wands. I would say, however, that with added coats you might notice a slight bit of clumping. Personally, I didn't find this bothersome, but I thought it was worth a quick mention. If it does bother you, combing out the lashes should do the trick. Another aspect of the product that I greatly appreciate is the fact that the wand doesn't pull too much product out of the tube each time. Way too often the openings of my mascara tubes get filled with excess product "crud." Lash Accelerator imparts just the right amount of drama, making it a perfect option for daytime wear.

Rimmel claims that Lash Acclerator helps to promote natural lash growth. On the product page on the Rimmel website it states, "instantly, your lashes look up to 80% longer, but then after 30 days of continued use, they’ll appear up to 117% longer!" While I can't speak to the more long-term effects of the mascara as I haven't been using it long enough, I can say, that, as of now, I don't see a real difference in the appearance of my naked lashes. The exclusive GROW-LASH complex contains Procapil®, to strengthen the roots, in addition to lash-conditioning ingredients such as biotin, keratin, and bamboo.

Overall, I think Lash Accelerator would be a good one to test out if you are on the market for a new mascara that imparts natural length and definition to lashes. It is a great affordable option (I think I snagged mine from CVS for $7.99) and drugstores are always running BOGO sales (makes the deal even sweeter, right?). Try it! I think you'll like it! ;-)

So, have you tried Lash Accelerator yet? Do you like it? Hate it? Indifferent? What mascaras are you currently enjoying?

NB: I purchased this myself.

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  1. I'm a big fan of Talika's Lipocils - I've noticed a BIG difference in my lash length over the past 6 weeks. No Latisse necessary!