Friday, March 19, 2010

Jan Marini Age Intervention Prime Preps For Flawless, Youthful Skin

It's no secret that I love my primers, and the Age Intervention Prime Face Primer from Jan Marini has easily become my new go-to. As with the other primers I have tried, the product glides onto my skin effortlessly and smoothes out my complexion (leaving my skin feeling silky and soft, I might add!). What is particularly cool about Age Intervention Prime, however, is that in addition to helping minimize pores and prepping the skin for foundation, it also provides some amazing skin-rejuvenating benefits. It's unique formula is packed full of delicious ingredients such as co-enzymes (e.g. Co-Enzyme Q10) and tea extracts (from green tea, red tea, and white tea) that are powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents. Unique ingredients such as Lys'lastine® work together with the CoQ10 to help restore elasticity to the skin, something that becomes more of a concern as the skin ages. Hyaluronic Acid adds moisture and volume to the skin to "plump" it and leave it looking more youthful, healthy, and radiant. Skin-strengthening peptides help fill in fine lines and wrinkles as well. Overtime, the effects of these ingredients becomes even more apparent.

I also notice that when I'm using this product my skin looks more radiant in photographs, more flawless and without excessive shine. Who could complain about that?!? The primer has no offensive scents (I can't detect any at all) and it's just a dream to use. It has certainly fit seamlessly into my daily beauty regimen!

Age Intervention Prime retails for $75 and is available for purchase at as well as a variety of other retailers around this country and others (call 800-347-2223 for locations).

This is my favorite face primer of the moment. What about you? Do you wear a primer on a daily basis? If so, which one(s) do you love? Do you hate primers? Comment and tell me about it!

NB: This product was sent to me by a PR representative for my consideration. Though I did not purchase it myself, my review was in no way influenced by my receipt of a sample. I am dedicated to providing reviews that are 100% my own opinions, bias-free. If I ever feel that I cannot give my readers honest feedback on a product, I will not present a review for it. I am here to inform, and publishing untruthful thoughts is neither beneficial to those who visit my blog nor to me.

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