Friday, June 4, 2010

Lip Gloss Loving: BECCA Cosmetics Glossy Lip Tint In "Daquiri"

On a recent beauty excursion with Josie of Too Many Eyeshadows, I was gifted a gorgeous lip gloss, a Glossy Lip Tint to be exact (with a totally sexy, perfect-for-summer name, "Daquiri!"), from one of my new favorite brands, BECCA (I really fell in love circa IBS in March). Josie knows my love for corals knows no bounds (give me a lip, a name it, I love it!), so she was anxious for me to try the shade that she touts is the only coral she loves to wear - period. Now, to me this is a rather demure coral, one that seems more rosy-hued than the traditional bright peachy/orange-pink I normally associate with the term, but let me tell you, this baby has sent me to gloss heaven!!! It is the prettiest color, almost like a juicy berry tone, and the consistency is ultra luxurious and smooth (plus, I swear the scent is actually reminiscent of a strawberry daquiri! YUM!). I can achieve an awesome natural, "bee stung" lip with the gloss on its own, and it tops lipsticks nicely (adds a little pizazz to an ordinary nude!).

As you can see (or read!) I am soooo in love with this gloss right now. Trying it has really tempted me to test out other shades of the formula as well. Zero tackiness!!

Sooo now I ask you all...have you tried any of the BECCA Glossy Lip Tints? Are there certain shades you love/hate? What's your favorite lip gloss/product of the moment?

P.S. If you have any coral suggestions, feel free to comment and let me know (i.e. you better!) ;-)


  1. I love Becca!

    My fave tint is Grapefruit and my fave gloss is Brids of Paradise - a sheer pearly white solid gloss.

  2. IMM - You know I credit you for getting me hooked on BECCA! Now I definitely need to check out those colors! Thanks for the recs ;-)

  3. I have this shade and a few others ..luuuuuuuuuurve them! I have Frappe, Granita and Flirtini too.

    Revlon Coral Reef super lustrous is another nice coral shade for Summer.

  4. I'm so happy you liked the gloss =D

    I have a ton of these glosses...Grapefruit and Granita are necessities as well. So is Rosita and Champagne =)